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Video of the day

Today’s video -created by you out there – is a two parter.
Stemming from a street robbery, the drama in dramatic fashion.
As Shahtime explains on the film’s YouTube host page: ‘Starring Ashrak, Juned & Ana, 2 thugs try jacking a teen for a damn phone, teen fights back and gets away.’
Written by Shahed, directed by Javed.
Part I: Ride Wiv It

Part II: Ride Wiv It (Vengeance)

Boy, 16, in custody over Camden shooting

ITN reports that police are questioning a 16-year-old boy suspected of murdering Sharmaake Hassan, 17, who was shot in the head in Camden on Saturday.

Hassan, the 15th teenager to die as a result of knife and gun crime in London this year, died in hospital on Wednesday. Believed to have been a member of The Money Squad gang, Hassan was found guilty at Thames Youth Court last month of possessing and offering to supply cannabis.

The arrested teenager is being held at a north London police station.

The ITN report added that the local authorities tried to ban alleged gang members from Camden at an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (Asbo) hearing a fortnight ago.

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Another day, another death

Sharmaake Hassan, 17, was found in Gilbeys Yard, Camden, last Saturday.
He’d been shot in the head.
After being taken to hospital suffering severe injuries, he died yesterday.
So far, police have arrested no-one over the incident.
Since the beginning of the year, 15 teenagers have died in London as a result of similar attacks.
How many more?

New knife crime campaign

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The goverment has launched a new campaign against knife crime today. The £3 million budget makes the point that if you carry a knife, you’re more likely to have it used against you in a fight.

The campaign pulls few punches in showing the effects of stabbing. And Met Police chief Sir Ian Blair makes three points pretty plain:

  • We’re more likely to be stopped and searched now
  • If found with a knife, we’ll be prosecuted
  • Jail time is definitely on the cards

Sounds like now’s the time to lose the knives. Your thoughts?

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Have you carried a knife?

That’s the question that Haroon Siddique is asking in the Guardian News Blog today.

We often hear that the “fear of crime” is increasing as the rate of crime is decreasing. Has an age-old problem been exaggerated by media headlines or is this a frightening new development that makes you fear for your safety? Have you ever carried a knife? Do you know anyone who has? If so, why?

Hmm. Do today’s knife-carrying teenagers read the Guardian? Seems a tad unlikely. Still, some of the comments are interesting:

~ I grew up in the east end of Glasgow and occasionally carried a knife purely for protection – after being gang-raped it was necessity.

~ I believe the problem is worse than it appears on the surface.

~ I chose a box-cutter because you can’t stab with it (which is usually what kills), plus the blade is not long enough to reach an artery (same reason), but it gives a spectacular slash of high deterrence value.

Worth a read.

New support for victims of crime

It’s hard to believe 15 years have passed since Stephen Lawrence died following an attack by a group of white boys in Eltham, south-east London.
Stephen’s friend Duwayne Brooks was there, and, though much controversy has shrouded Stephen’s death ever since, Duwayne’s keen to put his experience to positive use, setting up the Brooks Foundation for Victims of Crime.
Watch the video to find out why he’s done it.

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‘Just walk away’

A young film-maker hopes his new movie will help fight the street crime war – by encouraging people to simply walk away.

ITN reports that Noel Clarke, writer/director/star of Adulthood (the sequel to 2006’s street culture pic Kidulthood, in which he played a knife-wielding schoolboy) is getting ready for his film’s release. But in light of the recent killings, he said:

“I’m not a politician. I can’t provide all the answers. But my part as a filmmaker is to raise questions.”I would like people to see this film and see what I’m trying to say which is, ‘You can walk away.’

“If someone hits you you don’t have to go and get your friends and hit them back. You can walk away and that’s what I’m trying to say is walk away.”