Up and running

The Street Weapons Commission is on the road, having already visited London, Liverpool and Birmingham and now heading for Glagow next week and Manchester the week after. This Channel 4 website explains what it’s all about:

Cherie Booth is chairing a Street Weapons Commission on behalf of Channel 4 to examine the problem of gun & knife crime on Britain’s streets. She heads an independent group of commissioners attempting to find out why so many young people now carry guns & knives… Channel 4 will follow the deliberations of the commission through The Truth About Street Weapons, which will broadcast across five two-hour programmes in June, culminating in a special peak-time programme in which the Commission’s recommendations will be debated.

Easy answers are unlikely. It’s going to take more than a few extra police on the streets or a couple of youth clubs to get this sorted.

Writing in the Guardian about the Commission’s visit to Birmingham, C4’s Alexander Gardiner relates one woman’s frustration:

Barbara Sawyers, whose son Daniel was shot dead in a case of mistaken identity, spoke with eloquent rage about how she feels used by those who approach her to “pimp” on his death when making grant applications, never to be heard of again. In her view lots of money is squandered on ill-conceived schemes created by these articulate bandwagon jumpers with no real value-for-money audits done on their outcomes.

As explained here, this site intends to engage with the issue at the grassroots level. We’re looking for content made by people affected by street weapons, some of which we’ll be able to feed into the Commission.

What’s the truth about street weapons? What’s going to make things better? Can you help?


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