Disarming Britain’s media

Like many of you out there, a handful of young actors and musicians think – possibly quite rightly – that if the media’s to be believed, teenagers are gun-toting, knife wielding crims hell-bent on violence and destruction.

They made the point crystal clear when the Disarming Britain team met up with 19-year-old Grime artist Tinie Tempah and his crew at the shoot for new song ‘Tears’ in Camberwell.

Tinie got a few things off his chest that day

Tinie – who co-wrote last year’s single ‘Put the Knives and Guns Down’ with Mark Prince, whose son Kiyan was stabbed to death – was joined by vocalist Clea Sol, 18, and, in cameo roles, two up-and-coming young actors, Adam Deacon and Femi Oyeniran, about to be seen on screen in Noel Clarke’s Adulthood.

It’s a sequel to Kidulthood, but this time round Noel’s written, directed and stars as Sam – straight outta jail after knifing enemy Trife to death in the first instalment.
And yes, the film’s still packed with street culture, according to the boys.

The gun and knife crime topic threw up common ground amongst them all: not enough’s heard about teenagers’ positive achievements, and some thought the ‘gang’ tag was used far too loosely – but the issue had touched all of theirs or friends’ lives personally. coming soon to a screen near you. But Femi\'s character Mooney\'s seen the light, swapping a flick knife for a text book

‘My friend was at a club just the other day and a boy held a gun in the air,’ said Clea, who added that people of different ages saw things differently.
‘Older people – people my mum’s age, think that people in hoodies are dangerous,’ she said.
‘But I’ve grown up with it, I don’t see it as a threat.’

Clea pondered a London without guns

Check out video interviews with Tinie, Femi and Adam.


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