Have you carried a knife?

That’s the question that Haroon Siddique is asking in the Guardian News Blog today.

We often hear that the “fear of crime” is increasing as the rate of crime is decreasing. Has an age-old problem been exaggerated by media headlines or is this a frightening new development that makes you fear for your safety? Have you ever carried a knife? Do you know anyone who has? If so, why?

Hmm. Do today’s knife-carrying teenagers read the Guardian? Seems a tad unlikely. Still, some of the comments are interesting:

~ I grew up in the east end of Glasgow and occasionally carried a knife purely for protection – after being gang-raped it was necessity.

~ I believe the problem is worse than it appears on the surface.

~ I chose a box-cutter because you can’t stab with it (which is usually what kills), plus the blade is not long enough to reach an artery (same reason), but it gives a spectacular slash of high deterrence value.

Worth a read.


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