‘Just walk away’

A young film-maker hopes his new movie will help fight the street crime war – by encouraging people to simply walk away.

ITN reports that Noel Clarke, writer/director/star of Adulthood (the sequel to 2006’s street culture pic Kidulthood, in which he played a knife-wielding schoolboy) is getting ready for his film’s release. But in light of the recent killings, he said:

“I’m not a politician. I can’t provide all the answers. But my part as a filmmaker is to raise questions.”I would like people to see this film and see what I’m trying to say which is, ‘You can walk away.’

“If someone hits you you don’t have to go and get your friends and hit them back. You can walk away and that’s what I’m trying to say is walk away.”


One Response

  1. its hard to walk away from the fact your friends on life support because of a coward with a knife. revenge is the thing not walking away. some people are just evil

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