Scared of getting stabbed?

The host of Max on BBC 1Xtra blogs today about a show she’s just recorded on knife crime:

If you carry a knife in the UK you will get arrested .. that’s the reality don’t think everyones gets that. Ghetto [the grime / hip hop artist] said something that really hit home for alot of people, he said that the problem is people are more scared of getting stabbed then getting locked up!! so they will carry that knife regardless off the 3 million pound campaign that the goverment have recently invested in to try and stop the problem!!

Do you feel that way? Do people really carry knives as self defence? One of our commenters on Bebo certainly thinks so:

you ask
“Why do young people carry knives and guns”?
its not to look good it for our own protection bruv u get mi !!
how do u ecspect to live if u got no protection ??

What do you think? Let us know

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