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  1. I personally dont carry a weapon, i know nobody that does. this obsession with guns knives and gangs in the media is ridiculous and scaremongering. Keys can be used as a weapon just as much as a punch-dagger.

    the thing with banning things to reduce crime is similarly pathetic. if you bad something does it stop criminals getting their grubby mits on them? did the ban on .22 hand guns do anything except cripple the Olympic shooting team?

    when will the government wake up.

  2. Why is it that people think they have the god given right to end anothers life! How can anyone live knowing they’ve ended the life of another. R.I.P. L. Braithwaite

  3. Im wondering when are people finally going to realise that banning things or making more laws simply does not work. And another thing people need to realise is that the police cant protect you from crime, all they can do is show up afterwoods and try and catch the guy who did it. If people want to be safe they need to think about how they can protect themselfs.

  4. When on earth are we going to have an honest debate about guns? Guns are a tool that undeniably make it very easy for bad things to happen. However, they can also be use to tremendous benefit. The reality is that when law abiding people have their right to effective self defence recognised, violent criminals are the only ones that suffer.
    The debate should be: ‘does allowing law abiding citizens the right to bare arms cost more lives than it saves?’

    Using Britain as an example, history shows us that law abiding people should have the option.

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