“Disarming Britain” trailer

Here’s Channel 4’s trailer for the Disarming Britain season. What do you think?
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40 Responses

  1. I think this trailer is really effective. It’s emotive element really highlights the severity of the situation at present. I like the way it is stylistically filmed and edited in order to convey that gun crime affects everyone, although in different ways. What really choked me was the involvement of children, barely teenagers, involved in such activities. I like the polarisation of innocent, yet very impressionable children playing in the park with the montage of the dark and grim reality. It’s a really ambiguous situation trying to find a solution that will help drastically reduce, if not stop, such cold- blooded killings.

  2. This is really effecitive, made me shed a tear.
    Im young and live in a violent area. I always worry about the threat of gun crime and knife crime. Our governments seem to have other priorites.. I just dont know what todo or say.

  3. i think puttin this show on channel four is quik good becah people will soon reailise that it is not just blak yung bois tht are killing

  4. Over the last 80 or so years, Britain HAS been disarmed – totally! Britain is now the only country in the world where it is illegal to practice for an Olympic sport (except for “a few elite shooters”). The fact that crime has skyrocketed in Britain over this period should be regarded as an argument against “victim disarmament”, not an argument for further restrictions on our common-law rights to keep and bear arms. As – let’s face it – you will never disarm the criminals, only the victims.

    Why else do you think America’s crime rates are so much lower than Britain’s (with the exception of the murder rate, which is 0.005% higher in the US; hardly something to shout about, and the US rate is falling relative to the UK’s). Of course, the myth will always persist that the US is some criminal hell-hole – pure nonsense fuelled by the sensationalist media. Which is exactly what we’re seeing here – C4 dancing on the graves of the tragic victims of Britain’s crime problem in order to sell adspace. Follow my URL for actual scholarly research on the subject rather than emotionalist hand-wringing. Of course if you interview a scholar like Joyce Lee Malcolm on the subject in order to at least pretend of a “balanced” viewpoint, you may secure some grudging respect from me (not that I assume my respect is high on your list of priorities!)

  5. I’m impressionable, just like every other human being. this advert is aimed at me, a 19 year old male living in amongst drugs, violence, music and all the fun that comes with it (which is a hell of a lot). i mentioned violence because thats what this advert is about, there isn’t really a lot of it in my life. when i see it, its almost always 18-30 year old males with boring office jobs who have an abundance of money who are looking for some drama on a night out.

    when teenagers get violent its about the status that media sell to us, “hey look at that kid rockin on hi-teks, lets go knife him” because his mum cant afford air force ones or “hey look at that kid wearing those new airmax’s, lets go knife him i want his shoes”. the problem isn’t that we can acquire guns, its that we want to use them for stupid reasons to do with material objects and consumer/social status heavy society.

    even this advert is selling a grimey, graffiti glamorized London that looks like council estate bliss to every kid that wants a new era cap.

  6. and a message to gonzo;stop trying to look clever on the internet and start trying to make a difference.
    we don’t care about America, that attitude exacerbates our situation and we certainly don’t care about scholars, life experience is what matters when talking about people.

  7. That Was Extremely Touching, I Grew Up Around All This & Experience Some Of It Today, It’s Ridiculous, I Hope This Documentary Touches Others The Way It Touched Me. I Would’ve Been Honoured To Be A Speaker In The Program. This Is The Sort Of Thing I Love About C4 Always Reffereing To The Relevant, Important Issues.

  8. This is a very effective trailer. Just watching this makes even the most un-aware watcher become aware.
    It shows the pain, The shock, and the way some people think guns are toys: Which affects the younger kids.

  9. I have to say I agree with Gonzo on this issue.

  10. im not shocked easily at all with adverts and clips…

    this shocked me… very effective.

    Well done.

  11. And a message to Jack. Life experience teaches me that ever more restrictive gun controls in the UK have not reduced gun crime or violent crime. American crime rates are actually falling and this is largely attributed to the relatively recent right-to-carry laws.
    If you really, and I mean REALLY want to see fewer people dying violent deaths at the hands of others it might be time to reconsider our current policy. A policy which has not worked here or any other country in the world.

  12. I’m with Gonzo on this one.
    At the moment the criminals know they are not going to be confronted by someone equipped to fight back.
    The reason rates are falling in the states that allow concealed carry to strictly vetted citizen is simply the crook doesnt know who is carrying so it raises the risk to him and not the victim as is the case in UK.
    Until we stop rolling over and playing dead every time someone says BOO the sooner we will lower crime by standing up to these people.
    Get rid of the hand wringing liberals and lets start fighting crime

  13. Those who seek to use guns for crime will obtain guns no matter what bans are put in place. As usual laws will be made that only affect those who have no intention of using weapons for unlawful purposes and will have no effefct whatsoever on the criminals amongst us. Improve the deterrents, perhaps if those committing gun crime were to spend the rest of their days breaking rocks with no human rights afforded them they would think long and hard about commiting crime. Why do criminals get human rights anyway, they have surely forfeited any rights by violation of their victims rights in the first place, you become an outlaw so your lose your rights to enjoy the benefits of a decent society.

  14. This is pure propaganda.

  15. I really don’t see what a difference this will make, effective as it is.
    Handguns are already banned & illegal. What are you trying to do here, make them a bit MORE illegal?
    The problem isn’t with the articles themselves, but with the enforcement (or lack of) of our existing, stringent & , frankly, draconian laws.
    We live in a society where laws seem to follow the degree of uproar & public outcry, as portrayed by the media. It’s frankly ridiculous that legal handgun ownership was scrapped. Legally owned & possessed firearms count for LESS THAN 0.5% of “gun-crime” committed in the UK.
    We are already disarmed & impotent against attack, for fear of counter-litigation.
    We would frankly be far, far better off being armed & educated, than continuing to be impotent & ignorant.

  16. Err. jack.
    Handguns are banned. Gunc crime quadruples in 10 years. Correlation between gun ownership and gun crime? Not a positive one, that’s for sure.

    Gonzo is right. Law-abiding Britain has already been disarmed. A girl can’t even carry a can of pepper spray in her handbag in case of attack. It’s classed as a Section 5 prohibited weapon. Same as tazers, handguns, machine guns, rocket propelled grenades…
    Something ain’t right here….

  17. This really hammers home how easy it can be to get a gun and the situations that can unfold with normal people having access to such dangerous weapons. The video was indeed though provoking

  18. Gun restrictions only benefit the criminals. That’s a wonderful thing about gun restriction laws, they only work on people who OBEY THE LAW.

    To a criminal, it’s just another law to break. What’s it matter to him if carrying a handgun means he’ll be arrested or fined? He’s already breaking the law. But do you think a mugger would be inclined to rob someone for his bike if there was any chance that biker had a 9mm on him? There’s a chance the mugger will back off because truth is, no one wants to be shot. No one wants to die over a 100 dollar used bike. “Hey there’s Jim. Nice bike. But I know he owns a gun. However, that new couple on the avenue seems pretty rich, and I know they dont believe in guns. I could just rob them and BUY a bike.”

    Truth is, crime is worse in America where gun-restrictions are heavy. That’s because criminals are confident you won’t pull out something ranged and deadly when they try to jump you for your wordly possessions.

    And criminals will always find a way to get their hands on what they want. They will break the law to get those guns. It really doesn’t matter to them. They’re getting these guns to break the law anyway! I’d like one of you to explain to me how restrictive gun laws are going to take guns out of the hands of criminals.

    First you put a ban on which guns you can own – criminals dont care.

    Then you ban which guns you can sell – criminals go somewhere else to buy their guns.

    Then you go to the factories and try to prohibit who they sell to – so the criminals rob the factory.

    Even if you took away the guns, people would find other weapons. I can get a knife anywhere.

    As for my life experience – People know I own a gun, legally. I live in a bad neighborhood and out of all my neighbors I’ve yet to be robbed. It’s probably inevitable though, but a criminal isn’t going to think it’s wise to come into my home and steal my stuff, it’s not worth it. Thieves go after easy targets, gun owners are not easy targets.

    A quick analogy – If you walk into a bar and you know everyone in there has a loaded gun, are you likely to pull out your gun and rob the place?

  19. Never has a Programme from a mainstream channel – so effectively admitted – that the Handgun ban has had absolutely NO effect whatsoever with regards to actual gun crime.

    Ask yourself this question – If handguns are BANNED in this country – where are the criminals and “children” getting them from?

  20. Just shows that the political decision to ban legally held handguns after the Dunblane tragedy has had no effect whatsoever.

    Gun crime in the U.K. is now epedemic and what steps have the Goverment taken? They have outlawed Brocock air pistols which have under 6 ft/lb of energy and on a good day could just about break the skin.


    They never try to get to the root cause of the problem, but instead take the easy way out and target the law abiding gun owners.

  21. If you want to control violent crime then allow good citizens to do something about it. Why was a war veteran held for kidnapping when he detained a lout threatening him until his mother arrived to take her child? I watch the news in the UK and it seems the symptom is always discussed and aggressively treated and not the cause.

    You can take away guns but the intent remains and people will simply use something else. Besides, most killings are done with ILLEGAL firearms anyway, so how are you going to control them??? I know, punish good citizens and put restrictions on them so that the criminals will no longer kill (I call them criminals because they are in possession of illegal fire arms). If you really are concerned with saving lives and getting rid of an indiscriminate killer, ban smoking and drinking, 2 of the leading causes of death amongst the UK, way ahead of firearms related deaths anyway. The sad thing is though this will never happen as the people who don’t like guns enjoy a smoke and a glass of their favourite plonk so they won’t allow it. Pretty hypocritical isn’t it? Ban things just as long as they are something you don’t enjoy or like. Too bad for responsible shooters and hunters I guess.

  22. This might be a bit deep for you Jack but this quote I think say’s it all?

    “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms. . . disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. . . Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.” — Jefferson’s “Commonplace Book,” 1774-1776, quoting from On Crimes and Punishment, by criminologist Cesare Beccaria, 1764

    When guns are made illegal only the criminal have guns.

  23. When are the Government, the media and inevitably the general public finally going to accept that a vast majority of the gun crime’s in this country are committed with illegal firearm’s and that so far all the efforts to reduce it by banning firearm’s legally held by law abiding citizen’s have not worked, banning handgun’s has only led to an increase in handgun crime so banning yet more gun’s including de-act’s as detailed in Gun mart recently won’t work either. I am not claiming to have the answer to the problem of gun crime but maybe more Police on the street’s in problem area’s with the power to actually do something and more prison’s with longer, harsher sentence’s would be a start ( and I don’t mean time in a cell with tv’s, playstations and mobile phone’s ).

  24. I am an administrator on one of the largest shooting sites and I can assure you that this sort of situation is vigouresly condemed by every law abiding firearm certificate holder I have ever known!

    The way these illegal fireams get in to Britain is what needs stopping, people who use illegal firearms dont care about any laws and any bans, look at the rise in gun crime since handguns were banned in 1997

    Most of the Media are very anti gun, including legal gun owners who have every right to own one but are thoroughly checked out before getting one and are honest law abiding people, if we break any law we lose any guns we have, even a driving offence, so please dont include legal gun owners as being at fault

    Stop the trade in illegal fireams!

  25. I could understand the ban everything attitude of the present government if it was shown to work. Unfortunately this doesnt appear to be the case. Since the handgun ban and the much publicised “we have taken guns of the street’s” statement was made by the government hand gun crime appears to be more prevalent than ever.
    The government’s responce to the tragic new years eve shooting in Birmingham some years ago Ban some airguns and plastic ball shooting toys. This I again could understand if the victims had been shot with either of these guns. Unfortunately for the labour party the firearm used was a machine gun banned in this country since the late 20’s.
    The rise in knife crime has now been effectively stopped by the recent banning of the sale of samurai swords. Has this really put an end to knife crime, or even reduced it. Of course not, why as the ban is simply another publicity stunt to show the government is doing something.
    Until the government of this country accept that the way to deal with crime is to deal with criminals (both education and punishment) rather than take the easy headline grabbing route of simple banning/attacking the lawful this type of crime will unfortunately only continue to rise.

  26. Jack, your comments on Gonzo’s post are pathetic, and it’s attitudes like yours that stifle debate that are exacerbating the situation, not Gonzo’s. You can criticize America all you like (based on your skewed and false impressions of the place) but the fact remains that, probably because they allow law-abiding and responsible people the right to defend themselves and their property, and also the right to the means to do so, they apparently suffer less violent crime than we do here, a fact that the UK media is reticent to let us know about. You are far more likely to suffer a ‘home invasion’ here in the UK than in America (a burglary where the homeowners are present), because criminals here do not fear law-abiding people (or the police or courts either for that matter). Law-abiding people here are terrified of crime, and terrified to stand up to criminals (even to the extent of self defense) for fear of being criminalized themselves.

    As for banning firearms, pointed knives, lock knives and so on, it is self-evident that bans like this affect only those people the obey the law, which criminals by definition don’t. As any prison officer can tell you, practically anyone can improvise an offensive weapon using things to hand. It’s possible to misuse everyday items such as pens, pencils and rulers as weapons, so bans are not the answer. We need to address why this culture of violence and thuggish behaviour is so attractive to our young people. Allowing law-abiding and responsible people the right to self defense and the means to self defense is really a side issue.

  27. Are people seriously suggesting that more guns = safer Britain?

    Sounds to me like this blog’s been invaded by far right US survivalists. Jeez…

  28. Gonzo, the murder rate in the U.S. is three times higher per capita than the UK. So your 0.005% higher is somewhat wrong. For the latest stats check NationMasters website. Secondly 39.5% of all murders involve firearms in the U.S. while in the UK it is only 17%. We haven’t had another Dunblane or Hungerford since the gun laws were changed. While there have been several gun fuelled killing sprees in the U.S. since 1996.

    The difference between a pen and a gun Rob M is that if an argument breaks out or an altercation then I can’t kill someone easily with a pen if I lose my temper, or carry out a drive by killing with a ruler.

    Surely the issue is dealing with the rise in the number of people who desire to own a gun and are willing to use it without any thought of the consequences, almost certainly as a result of some breakdown within our society that needs to be addressed. Again I don’t think giving everyone a gun or the right to have a gun is going to help, if anything it will only inflame the situation.

    The answers are not going to be easy to find. Awareness will help though and this advert certainly gets your attention. Well done C4

  29. Dave, I weep for this kind of broken record argument. No Dunblanes or Hungerfords….maybe not but there have been mass shootings (2 or more killed) and while they have not been the sensationlly horrific scenes we saw in Dunblane overal gun deaths have soared since the ban.
    You mention that people dont think of the consequences when using a gun. CORRECT! this is becasue there are none! Criminals dont fear a policeman who is god-knows-where, they fear an armed citizen.

    Allowing law abiding people to arm themselves would almost certainly curb the problem, not inflame it!

  30. Englandteacher. Consider this when the UK had no gun restrictions (almost in living memory) we had zero gun crime. Now we have the strictest gun controls of any democracy and soaring violent crime.

    When Britain was armed to the teeth we were a far less violent nation. Guns have been proven in the real world to stabilise society not as everyone ASSUMES cause daily shootouts.

    So in answer to your question; I really am saying (as an Englishman) that more guns in the hands of law abiding people would make Britain safer.

    Are you really suggesting that gun control has worked here? Jeez….

  31. I agree with the idea of law abiding individuals being allowed to have guns for self defence and I am not a far right US survivalist, Im from Britain. Im not saying that this is the only solution that should be implamented but I dont see the harm in allowing the law abiding to have them, whats the worst that could happen? the criminals might get guns? they are allready getting guns andf plenty of them. Gun control just does not work and if you want further proof of that then look at Jamaica, their gun laws are more strict than ours and the criminals there can get all the guns they want. Britain has been disarmed many times, after all the gun bans and the gun amnesties and the amount of times police have seized illegal weapons, the criminals still have guns so how many times does Britain need to be disarmed before people finally amit that gun control just does not work? Dave there are alot of people in the world who have guns and do not use them when ever they lose their temper. There are plenty of people who have a great deal of control over themselves and what you said in your post is a typical comment from people who are for gun control and in my opinion it is completely pathetic. All gun control does is create a situation where its just the criminals who have guns and I dont see who that helps any society. I think guns in the hands of law abiding citizens makes criminals think twice even if they had a gun to. They dont want to risk their own lives just for the sake of commiting a crime.

  32. so let me get this right. you think to stop the gun crime we should make guns more easily available. please the victims of gun crime are usually involved in crime. i understand you saying law abbiding citezens should be able to own weopons but making them more available would be the worst move

  33. if guns were not about people would just use knives . you need to understand that these thugs call themselves victims but they need to help themselves before anyone else can help them. some people just like killing people and violence. the only way to stop this stuff is to understand it. the people that dont worry are the people that dont have to deal with it. i understand that these deaths are usually related to money. but some people just stab you for looking at them wrong. i dont think showing kids stab wounds and victims will steer them away. maybe them talking to lifer they would change there ways. then again some people like living that life

  34. It is quite difficult to get a shotgun certificate and very difficult to get a firearms certificate, I had to be checked out by the CIA, FBI and Interpol along with the Home office etc etc to become a regisered firearm dealer, I get to meet lots of legal firearm owners and I have met a “Far right survivalist” so far, just people that shoot for sport or for Vermin control

    I can never see anyone being able to get a certificate for a gun for self defence but it should be allowed providing the person has had all the checks (which Dunblaines Hamilton didnt, and it was the police who were responsible for him having handguns!) but if they were, then burglaries would certainly drop in my opinion

    “An armed society is a polite society” as one American once said

  35. Luke are you saying that making weapons more available to law abiding citizens is the worst move? If so can you please explain how? You said that if guns were not about then people will just use knifes. But how do you keep guns out of criminal hands? As I pointed out in my last post, criminals still have guns even after many bans, and amnesties. And seizures of illegal guns. I dont care if thugs call themselfs victims and from what I know they do help themselfs. They help themselfs to the money and or mobile phone of their victims. I know that some people just like killing and violence and the ordanary decent people need a way to protect themselfs against such nutters.

  36. Correct me if I am wrong but is it not Switzerland where there is at least one gun in every home,due to their military service and reserve rules.
    And also correct me if they do not have one of the lowest gun crime rates in the world.
    Guns dont kill people,bad people do!
    Answers are IMO simple.
    1. Proper punishment, hard labour,no comforts just neccessities.
    2. The right to self defence where the victim need not fear prosecution.
    3. The means to self defence by legally owned weapons ie handguns,tasers and pepper spray.
    Who in their right mind would suggest that vulnerable women should not be able to carry at the very least a can of mace.

    Till then we are screwed

  37. Making more guns available for people to “protect themselves” is deranged and sounds like the macho ramblings of a keyboard warrior.

    Sure, banning handguns hasn’t been a great success, but then I can’t see anyone seriously arguing that’s the only answer.

    The law as it stands isn’t being implemented on either guns or knives. Wannabe hardmen and gangstas are getting away (often literally) with murder. The existing laws need to be used consistently by police and judiciary, and the entire system of youth justice, prisons and probation has to be overhauled and supported by central government.

    Then you might want to take a look at the wider political system that promotes ferocious individualism and greed over communal values.

    But more guns are not the answer – the answer is more complicated than that.

  38. Dan I dont know if your oint was aimed at me, but I aint a “keyboard warrior” I can assure of that, and I aint deranged either, I have been thoroughly checked out for that too

    There is no chance of the public ever becoming armed to protect themselves in this country as the loony left would go completely nuts at the very thought of it

    I totally agree that what we need is a government with backbone that will strive to make sure the existing laws are enforced, anyone found with an illegal firearm should get 5 years (although 10 years would be even better), and no chance of parole

    The police should be allowed to do their jobs without all the silly paperwork, get cops out on the street, sort out the gangs with armed police, this sort of thing didnt happen when police could be real policemen and courts did was they were supposed to do

  39. Dan, Can you please explain to me how having a gun to protect your self and your loved ones is deranged? Armed police and the armed forces protect others, are they deranged? Yes banning handguns has been a failure and when you consider that some criminals can get hold of a MAC10 or an AK47 then the fact is that all bans on guns has been a failure. So why dont law abiding people have the right to own guns? At the momnent law abiding people dont have the right to own them and criminals still have guns. At the moment law abiding people dont have the right to carry concealed weapons in the street and criminals still take their guns into the street and use them. I dont know weather or not the police are doing enougth but they have shot some armed criminals and arested some and they have takin plenty of illegal weapons of the street and after all of this the criminals still have guns. What wider political system are you talking about and are you opposed to individualism? And at the end of your post you said that more guns arnt the answer, well what makes you so sure of that? Furthermore I believe I mentoned that allowing law abiding citizen the right to carry weapons for self defence is not the only answer but it would allow people to protect themselfs and make criminals think twice about doing their crimes. And one more thing, I am not deranged but I do make use of a keyboard quite a bit. I dont know weather that makes me a keyboard warrior or not but if that did then, so what?

  40. “Gonzo, the murder rate in the U.S. is three times higher per capita than the UK. So your 0.005% higher is somewhat wrong.”

    Murders in the UK per capita: 400/60,000,000 = 0.0007%
    Murders in the US per capita: 17,000/300,000,000 = 0.0057%

    0.0057-0.0007 = 0.005% higher chance, yearly, of becoming a murder victim in the USA. Terrifying.

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