Realty check?

Tony Grist, blogging on LiveJournal, makes this observation:

Yesterday’s TV news was headlined by a story about a teenage girl who had been found dying from knife wounds in the lift of her Southwark apartment block. It achieved its prominence because it had been co-opted into the story arc about teenage gangs and knife crime… Today it emerged that the police have arrested a man in his 30s… Still a horrible waste of life, but nothing to do with gang culture or teenagers carrying knives… When middle-aged men commit crime (which they’re doing all the time) it’s always a one off. Whereas when teenagers commit crime, it’s part of a horrifying trend. Oh my god, the kids are turning feral.

Is the press going overboard about teenage violent crime, turning a serious but still thankfully rare issue into something bigger for the sake of a headline?


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