Grime artist Lethal Bizzle on guns

Student Rebecca Monique Williams briefly caught up with UK grime artist Lethal Bizzle to ask him what he thought of the current spate of violent murders in Britain and what he thinks should be done.

RMW: Recently there has been a lot of media coverage concerning gun crime in the UK. What’s your take on it all?
Lethal Bizzle: Allow that! (slang for leave it alone). Personally I blame the parents. They’re supposed to be disciplining their kids and guiding them in the right direction.

RMW: You have younger siblings, what role do you play in their lives as their older brother?
Lethal Bizzle: I have a younger brother and if it wasn’t for my influence I can see how he can be pulled into that madness. It’s all about guidance and strong, positive role models. It’s spread so far that it’s become a culture. Leave all of that violence for the movies and PS2. Don’t take it onto the road.

RMW: You called David Cameron a doughnut for the comments he made about youths and their role models. Why do you think the youth of today are so misunderstood?
Lethal B: Myself and artists such as Dizzie and Kano have a young audience base and we know that we have more of an influence on them than Tony Blair. What the youth see is all they know, for example computer games glamorize guns. But it’s funny how James Bond rolls with guns but he’s alright. I don’t think the youth of today are embraced enough by the hierarchy/ politicians who should be working with us and put us up there to speak to them.


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