1 in 8 carries a weapon – report

Today’s Independent on Sunday reports a survey of 1,700 young people aged between 9 and 17:

A shocking 12 per cent of children said they had carried a knife or gun in the past 12 months. A third of those did so to protect themselves, but 22.6 per cent did so to threaten or hurt someone.

That IS pretty shocking, isn’t it? It could mean that 3 or 4 kids in your classroom have at some point carried a weapon – or more in some areas. How does that compare to your experiences?


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  1. When I was a young man growing up in South London about ten years ago I used to carry a knife. We never had the kinds of things kids had these days: expensive mobiles (I got my first one when I was 18) or MP3 players, jewellery, PSPs and what have you but I still felt I needed to protect myself and the things I owned because I had suffered my share of aggression and intimidation from other youths. That’s why I can understand the kids these days. Everyone’s growing up so fast these days, in such a rush to get into an adult world that they get caught up in the adult rush for possessions, money, status, and they end up involved in grown up violence. It’s very sad. Makes me worry if I can bring up my own kids in an environment like this.

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