Guest post – The Twining Chronicles

‘Twining’ is a serving officer in an English police force. He blogs at The Twining Chronicles. Here he kindly contributes his thoughts on knife and gun crime in a guest post for Disarming Britain.

I have serious concerns that the core issues involving gangs and violent crime are not being tackled effectively; in fact I would suggest these core issues are continuously skirted over by many of the partners who could actually be involved in preventing knife and gun crime.

There is a strong perception that this type of crime disproportionately impacts upon both Black victims and offenders – which begs serious questions about the efforts of society post the Macpherson Report. Most offenders are in some way connected to some form of criminality and often come from perceived deprived social backgrounds.

Is there a lack of education or career opportunity, for example? How do we engage those most at risk and divert them? What funding exists for such projects? And indeed is it right and proper to hold parents accountable for the actions of their children?

In my opinion this latter approach does not take into account the fact that some of these youths want what middle class youth have got, but they simply cannot achieve the same status of equality. Therefore claiming that parents who may have little or no control over children are at fault is a whitewash attempt at masking the real issues of poverty and deprivation.

The source of guns and knives must also be removed and we need to distinguish where the firearms are coming from. Violent gang crime may yet lead to very serious disorder and conflict between Eastern European gangs and minority ethnic gangs for territory. However, knife crime is now coming mor eand more into mainstream society.

Of course I would urge those who have some power to implement and monitor long term actions to tackle the root causes, (inequality, poverty and deprivation), and to move away from the rather blase short term poster campaigns that we historically have pursued; because the former provides no real end to knife and gun crime.

So what do you think? If you would like to make a guest post on the Disarming Britain blog, let us know in the comments.


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