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Here’s a further selection of comments from our Bebo page:

some of my mates use to carry guns and knifes,
they said they did this because of gang culture having to protect their rep and themselves. it wasnt till one of our friends nearly died that they realsied they were only fighting themselves that there was no point personally nothin justifies killing and taking a life nothing.

Hannah Cozens

What they [MPs] don’t realise is that Knife and Gun crime doesn’t just happen it london, it happens across this country! I don’t live in london, i live in a small town, but there are still kids even here who carry weapons.

Zo Zo

Ever stopped to wonder how you would react if your family got a phone call to say your son,brother,grandson,friend had been stabbed while walking home from a night out. Then you spend the night gathering your family together at the hospital at the request of the doctors as it doesn`t look like he`ll pull through, he spends all night in and out of theatre (6 stab wounds 3 of which turned out to be fatal and fatal head injury ,kicked to death) and still you haven`t seen him since you dropped him off at a gig earlier that night so happy and full of life.Not only did we lose our son,brother ,grandson and friend that night we lost our will to live as well ,its ripped the family apart we are all waiting to die ,so we can be a proper family again.If reading this doesn`t stop someone from carrying a knife NOTHING will.


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