Fear revisited

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After receiving his A-level results in the summer of 2005, all Charlie Hinchcliffe could think about was the exciting prospect of starting his degree at Reading University.

But he never expected to fall victim to the worryingly increasing problem we have in the UK with gun crime.

In a guest blog for Disarming Britain he tells all about the terrifying experience, and why he made the brave decision to produce his short film, which you can watch above.

My friend and I were mugged by three youths armed with a handgun just a stone’s throw away from our house while we were walking home after buying groceries one evening.
They took our wallets and shopping before running off, leaving us standing in the street stunned to silence and in total disbelief of what had just happened.

I chose to make my short film as I wanted to express to others the powerful memories that I have of the event, I used slow motion footage to try and give an almost dreamlike quality to the piece.

It seems to me that the situation is spiralling out of control, with ever growing numbers of news reports involving injuries or deaths of young people as a direct result of knife or gun crime, yet nobody really seems to know what the root causes of the problem are, let alone what to do to solve the situation.

I think sites such as this one are useful as they give young people an outlet and somewhere to voice their opinion instead of just being ignored and labelled as violent.

It is also important for young people to remember that you don’t have to commit violence or carry a weapon to avoid being a victim, and by doing so you are just adding to the problem.


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