A victim speaks

Two knife attacks didn’t stop 20-year-old Sarah Armstrong from speaking out about knife crime, and setting up the website Say No 2 Knives.

She got in touch to tell all about her experiences.

I’m 20 years old who last year when walking home from work, was approached by 2 youths. 1 male and 1 female about 15 years old.

They asked me if I had a cigarette and I said “I’m sorry, I dont smoke” as i went to walk on the boy shoved me back and asked for my phone. Because he was smaller than me, i didnt think anything of it. It was at that point that he threw his arm in the air towards my face and he run off.

When realising that he had gone i put my hand on my face because i could feel the heat running down my face. I then realised that my fingers were able to go into my cheek. I had a gash about an inch long and where the blade had struck, it was about an inch downwards.

When attending the hospital they had to stitch it up. First of all they thought they would just sort of sew it up. Within a week the gash was so bad it just came back open. After a week I had to have surgery on it and I had 8 Thick stitches put in. Then because the knife had dirt on it my face got very badly infected and swelled up.

After all the swelling went down I started to get back on with my life when i was walking home from my new which i had done many times before when i saw the same guy. He saw me walking towards him and shouted “its her! its her! and came up and put a knife in my arm as i shielded my face from it. As i was only a 30 second walk away from my work i went back and got a cab straight to hospital.

My boss who came with me would not let me look at the wound because it was so bad. Now i am getting over both the attacks which has been hard. I see a councellor once a week and I have started up a website about knife crime.

It has been just over a year since my face has been done and nearly a year since my arm. I am having surgery on my face next month to try and reduce the scarring.

I realise that others will have worse scars than me but anybody who has been threatened with a knife knows what i am going through and how i feel.

This all needs to stop!

Talking to a professional is good for you, but talking to someone else who has been affected is even better!


7 Responses

  1. Damn scary story but I don’t understand why after the first attack, she didn’t arm herself with something. Even hair spray will temp. blind a person.
    Of course, there isn’t any substitute for a gun but unfortunately only the thugs have access to them over here.

    Hope this lady will be okay.

  2. hi my names carly roberts i am a friend of sarah and i feel that gun and knife crime is becoming to often this needs to stop dnt let it happen to you!!!!!

  3. jd, it’s unlikely that Sarah expected to be attacked again – and many would say it’s commendable that she didn’t carry a weapon in ‘self defence’.

  4. Why didn’t she just do as the government recommends and call the police? Isn’t that the answer when faced with any potentially threatening situation?

  5. “and many would say it’s commendable that she didn’t carry a weapon in ’self defence’.”

    I’d say it was foolish. If she’d been in posession of adequate means to defend herself she wouldn’t have been hurt and scarred in the first place.

  6. No, you’re right. She might have been dead.

    Its well-reported that if you carry a knife, you run the risk of having it turned against you.

  7. U know the saying “lightning never strikes twice”… I believed it. I should not maybe have walked home the second time, but you learn from your mistakes and I don’t want anyone to go through the same thing.

    The first walk that I done is something that I had always done. So how was I to know that I was going to be attacked.

    Everyone that has been attacked will probably say the same thing. “Na… It wont happen to me” but then it does.I did call the police but they did not do anything until the arm incident happened. I called the police nearly every week, and every week they got back to me and said that I never reported it the previous week.

    SO…. What else can you do!?

    So from March to August nothing got done.

    For Corey: What else should I have done

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