Knives and the law – your reaction

Many readers have been in touch reacting to yesterday’s blog post Knives and the law.

Andy Powell argued:

I have grown up with guns and knifes one of the first things i was taught was to treat them with respect and never to misuse them and i was taught gun safty from a very young age years before i got my own rifle and knife i think that if everyone was brought up this way we wouldnt have this problem now because if you ban guns people will still get hold of them and for me and other shooters it will destroy a verry old sport and passtime plus my grandads farm would be infested with rats and rabbits and have the foxes taking the chickens.

However if some one misuses a gun or threatens to they should get life in prison and when I say life i mean there whole life.

I feel that the most useful tool is a knife but like any other tool it can be dangerous

Being taught to use guns and knives safely in industries such as farming is all very well, as is them being useful tools in such industries. Yes, in an artist’s or craftsman’s workshop, in a restaurant kitchen, or in a garden shed, knives of varying descriptions are indeed useful. Keeping them in your place of work, home, or college is justifiable. But the need to actually have a knife on you – particularly anything measuring over the legal limit of 3″ – while walking the streets of the UK’s towns and cities is not.

So, you need to cut open a box? Even if you are handed that box in the middle of the street and instructed to open it, you don’t need a whopping great kitchen knife to do so. Do you?

And the argument about blood sports, too, is a very different one. We’re talking about street weapons here, not country sports. But yes, of course, should a hunting rifle get into the wrong hands then it could be just as lethal. The same goes for any weapon – so you do have to bear in mind that it’s feasible in the future screwdrivers and spanners could be the weapon of choice.

Ultimately, the cause of people’s tendency towards violence and the need to arm themselves must be considered. The law isn’t enough. But allowing youngsters – and children – to arm up and wander the streets, risking their weapon being turned upon them, just isn’t something Britain should just sit back and accept.


2 Responses

  1. “so you do have to bear in mind that it’s feasible in the future screwdrivers and spanners could be the weapon of choice.”

    Then we can ban those, too. After all, the gun and knife bans seem to be going swimmingly.

  2. Exactly. Anything could be used as a weapon – but more and more young people are carrying knives and guns – both of which can kill or maim instantly. These weapons are lethal.

    We’re looking here at why young people are arming up in the first place, what’s causing them to lost their innocence, turn to violence.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right.

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