Educate The Nation

14 year old Jazziee got in touch with us on MySpace to share her poem/rap on gun crime. We’re delighted to publish it here

Educate The Nation

By Jazziee

It’s Jazzi33-J letting you know what’s up
Crazy are things happening in this world today
People are killing each other, thieving and dealing drugs

If your loved ones were doing that
How would you feel as a mother, brother, sister or son
That’s why I see no need for kids to carry a gun
Gun culture and violence has inspired others to kill
Cruelly taking innocent’s lives against their will

Setting bad examples for the little ones
Polluting their minds with this garbage
It’s only a matter of time until there’s a generation of youth
Dabbling in crime
By the age of 16 already having done jail time
Is that the future you’d want for your kids?
Killing people getting high and copying negative stereotypes from music vids?

That’s not what we want so together we’ve got to take a stand
Arrogance and gun culture go hand in hand
By persuading the people to get an education
It will help us grow into a strong and powerful nation
There’s one solution to stomp out the hate
The only way we can achieve this is if we EDUCATE.

Copyright © Jazziee 2008


2 Responses

  1. You are correct, we do need to educate. We need to educate people how irrational mass hysteria doesn’t achieve a safer society.

    Perhaps if ‘respect’ was given back to law abiding citizens, we wouldn’t have thugs rulling the streets.

  2. Fair point. But the vast majority of tabloid-reading, telly-watching citizens go about their daily lives without feeling the need to arm themselves.

    It’s the issue of a steadily increasing violent society that’s being looked at by Disarming Britain and C4’s Street Weapons Commission, with young people using fists, feet, knives, guns, baseball bats or any other inanimate object.

    But knives, of course, are readily available – and guns, too, if you mix in the right circles. Ultimately, the use of weapons – or indeed fists – by young people is what we’re looking at here. Just why the need for violence?

    It’s the cause that needs treating. The social issues that push people into a life of crime. More and more young people have been killing one another and adults, too. To not report on these issues would be a failure of the media. If its done in a balanced and sensitive way, and taken further to see how people working with these kids – gang members, kids from deprived backgrounds, for example – have succeeded, then all the better.

    These people have proven lives can be turned around, before it’s too late.

    Visit the Street Weapons Commission microsite to find out more.

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