Taking things literally

Some visitors to the Disarming Britain blog have taken the tack that this campaign/season/call-it-what-you-will is all about stripping Brits of the right to defend themselves.

Put simply, this isn’t the case.

Channel 4’s Street Weapons Commission has been touring the country meeting victims of gun and knife crime, their families, youth groups and charities battling against it, police and social workers that have been on the front line of the ongoing war, and even ex-gang members, among many others. All in the name of finding out how to tackle this menace – trends that have developed with young people carrying weapons, resulting in so many deaths.

Think about it. School children carrying knives and guns.

This campaign is NOT all about simply Disarming Britain in the literal sense. The laws, after all, are already in place.

It’s an attempt at disarming weapons-carriers individually, finding out why they turn to street crime, and how we can go about making society a safer place in the future.

Before even more children and teenagers are slaughtered – by one another.


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