Students’ views

Warwick University student Adam Lord, 18, got in touch to say that he agrees with DB’s views on the issues of youth gang violence.

… and I think that launching a campaign such as this is a fantastic idea – particularly as it is likely to appeal to the youth to whom it might concern (especially as it is being shown on channel 4!)

He hosts a regular radio show at the university, and took it upon himself to host a debate on knives, guns, and gang violence, which you can download here.

Adam’s also made a number of films spoofing gang culture, or indeed how its perceived.


4 Responses

  1. Knife and Gun crime is getting worse and worse, the goverment need to open up there eyes and stop shifting the blame and stop aruging with each other and start acting like mature adults, start working with children and maybe we will work with them. Where I go I see people with knives or other weapons waving them around having a laugh. But I think the problem is, that we don’t know what the consequences are if we are found with a weapon on us. Will we go to prision will we be given a street warning or what? I think if you are carrying a kinfe you are just looking and asking for trouble if you aren’t going to use it then why take it out? You don’t look cool and your not helping yourself. The temptation is always there if you are arguing with someone to wack it out and stab someone. I feel very strongly about this issue and it needs to be addressed very quickly before more and more children end up in a young offenders for killing another child. That what it is CHILDREN killing other CHILDREN. It is getting stupid and the goverment need to start doing something about it. I want to be a police officer when I am older because I want to help the children that feel the need to carry an knife and other reasons.

    From Michelle Brown 15

  2. Thanks for the post, excellently put

  3. As successful as Adam may be, the problem with with ‘Disarming Britain’ is that very few people actually give a toss about this issue; especially the people who decide to make a choice to harm others.
    Young adults around my age have been growing up in a world where media has A LOT of influence and this can cause people to be confused about these crimes; the truth is that most of gun/knife crime happens in urban, working class areas of places such as South/East London and parts of Manchester; these places are most often heard about in Newspapers and Radio etc.
    Why? Because its the TRUTH. The only thing the tabloids don’t lie about it where it happens. This is not a stereotypical scenario whereby the media and the word of mouth spread lies about this society; no, it is very real.
    Where do you see any improvement on this? You hear about an ‘accident’ somewhere and 5 minutes later, everybody is back onto thinking about how much money they want out of tax…
    ‘It doesn’t concern me; I am not a young adult…’
    Now see, this is what really bothers me. Just because you don’t understand about our rapidly developing culture and slang DOES NOT mean you can be ignorant to the growing problem.
    We are the generation that will continue this planet, and while you sit there with your, however old cognac, you might want to think about what is happening on the other side of the city right about now.
    You can feel like you have no say in this, but eventually you will feel guilty, and will be responsible for changing the entire way millions of children are being brought up… do something about it; its really pathetic.

    I want to Disarm Britain.

  4. okay yeah so whilst drinking my tea and deciding what to write i was glancing over at the previous comments from rachel (my best friend btw) and michelle. i think this generation are shut down, we have no real experience in the ways of ‘modist living’ and ‘manerisms’ yeah, so you can look back and think that you were hard hit only left with 3 pence to go buy some penny sweets while your mother wears her pink apron and cooks you and your father dinner big deal? this generation are stuck we don’t know any different we look into gun and knife crime (also drug abuse and sexual abuse) as a release and you get the older generations with the transport moaning that we ’cause trouble’ no, correction, we are living. as i was saying, release the kids in the certain areas that you hear about ‘..and i’m left with his memory’ or ‘..she was our daughter and now shes gone’ are lost, they have no source of freedom, getting hold of weapons or drugs ect is easy and they feel that if they use a gun or a knife they are ‘bigger’ ‘stronger’ we need to let them know that they are actually weaker and that we are the greater power, that we have the strength to rise above our problems and not result to hurting or killing anyone else to make us feel better and you can sit there and write your poncy letters to the people you ‘care about’ but do you really? look around.. we are going to create your future, is this what you want? to be surrounded by 10 year olds threatening you for the last packet of football stickers on the shelf? i think not. lets stand up to these people, if we come together we can build a stronger army than they could ever have say no to it, don’t let it control us, scare us even yeah thanks

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