Your videos – “Youth” by Jamien Nagadhana

Vodpod videos no longer available.

When he’s not studying, 20-year-old Jamien Nagadhana teaches Thai Boxing, and lives in south east London. His short film on knife crime has recently played at the Curzon Soho.

I had encounters with knives since about year 7, at school.

I used to carry a pocket knife since 13. I got into fights but never used a knife. I was stupid but very lucky. Then later I started hearing lots of stories about people we knew who got stabbed, friends’ cousins who got stabbed in a fight, friends of friends who inflicted some proper nasty injuries on people.

There was always stabbings around my area, and I remember a boy from my school had been stabbed. When I was 16 I saw a programme about knife culture that really shocked me. The violence and the trauma for the victims and their families was heart breaking. At the time I was out of trouble and doing good things i.e. music was doing alright (my band was signed to an independent label). But then a friend of mine was stabbed in his chest for his phone. He survived but he lives in Australia now.

I know a lot of people in gangs but one time I saw his mother on a night bus and she was chatting to me. It was a deep chat about the worries she had for her son and really empathised with her. So after that, and all the experiences, I wrote that one piece for a gig in Tottenham Court Road, because it felt sincere and genuine.”


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