Video nasties?

Boris Johnson said it first: video games are to blame for weapon violence.

Now it’s emerged children are being sold violent video games illegally on the web, according to an industry watchdog.

In trials, 44 purchases were attempted, with 38 traders selling games to kids – a rate of 86%.

Among the games bought were GTA, Godfather and Hitman – which all carry an 18 rating due to scenes of a very violent nature.

Source: ITN


One Response

  1. Why blame videogames? They do have a rating for some reason. Games like Manhunt or GTA have a 18+ rating because they are for adults, not kids. You can’t blame videogames being violents because kids are playing them.

    It’s the parent’s fault for not controlling, or not even caring about what their kids are playing/watching on TV. I’ve seen parents in the shop buying a copy of GTA IV for their 7 year old child. How do they even dare blame videogames for youth violence?

    Do they let their kids watch porn movies at home? They are both adult products, so what’s the difference? Just because it’s a videogame it doesn’t mean it’s for children.

    Retailers should advise the parents that certain game is for adults, and it’s up to the parents control more their kids.

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