We’re txting in the rain… just txting in the rain…

Last night we hosted the first of our two our two TXTual Healing events in Brick Lane, London. As soon as it got dark we started projecting various pieces of artwork and questions on to the wall. We had a great spot on Dray Walk out side the Big Chill which meant despite the downpour we still had lots of people interacting with the event and texting in their views on street crime.

The event generated lively, open debate and we had a fantastic array of responses from both our Bebo community and the general public in Brick Lane:

  • “Don’t you find it kinda weird that the national UK crime rate has gone up since Mr Brown has become Prime minister”
  • “Life is too short 4 this, Chil!”
  • “Its not big, its not clever”
  • “Guns aren’t the problem, its knices”
  • “Young people are not getting firearms free with a copy of the Beano! Its an adult led market”

The Bebo community was integral to the success of the event. Following on from a C4 Disarming Britain character being integrated into Sofia’s Diary, the 1,200-strong community were invited to asked by the cast of Sofia’s Diary to submit their thoughts on street crime and their a cross section of their views were projected. Two members on of the cast, Rebecca and Josh, also got involved in the event by interacting with the projections via SMS and writing about the events on their character blogs.

Tonight we are down in Shepherds Bush from 9pm doing it all again – hopefully we wont need our brollies!


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