“Why I carry a knife…”

Your views on the issues raised by Disarming Britain are diverse, complex and always fascinating. Here are the views of somebody who carries a weapon:

i am a 19 yr old knife carryer and theas is my reson. the subject of weapons, gun and knife crime is a subject i am very fond of for a number of reason been a youth worker it is something I have 2 deal with every day and also my life experience people on this page are commenting on how they don’t feel safe on the streets now i don’t feel safe any wear and that why I carry a knife and that why i would carry and use a gun i have pulled a knife out several times and that knife saved me my life it’s not the youths fault its not families fault its the goverments fault and the goverment should do more to stop this happening they shud make the streets safe and yer you get a mixture of weapon carrier people who carry and use them because they think they’re bad and they want to hurt people and people like me who need them 2 protect their self from people like them i believe every 1 does everything for a reason killing carrying every think it maybe be right or wrong or the reason maybe not be good enuf but i don’t judge any of theas people that have murdered or died

a Asian guy broke in 2 my house and tried killing me so i stabbed him nothing major just a little stab i called the police told them what had happened and they didn’t do any think to protect me or prevent it from happening month and month later the same guy caught me agen and i had my knife agene and pulled it out on him if the police did their job i would not of been in fear of my life and would not of had to carry a knife around with me you wont to luck at the course for this crime luck at the police and goverment

It’s hard to argue with somebody who believes that having a weapon is absolutely essential for self defence – and has the experience to back it up.

Some of you will say that blaming the government and the police is a cop out that avoids the real issues. But even if it is, how can we break the cycle that leaves somebody feeling this way?


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  1. My husband was violently assaulted by a group of kids as he walked home. He has been left with 4 large scars on his face and only a vague memory of the attack. The police did absolutely nothing. I phoned and phoned for an update on the case and was ignored.
    We have been trying via the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority to get even the cost of his lost wages covered. And to what cost.
    The government have tried every trick in the book to not compensate him for a legitimate claim. I am disgusted that not only is this level of violence on every street corner, but moreover, when it happens the real victims are fighting for some recognition. My husband, a man of 6ft 3, is a nervous wreck. I hold no faith in the police for dealing with crime at a street level (someone was murdered the night my husband was attacked which took up ‘manpower’) or for the CJS for dispensing sentences proportionate to crime. People with nothing to lose do not care about prison sentences; it is easytime. The real problem is the disgusting egocentricism which is prevailing throughout society, not only in the young i might add. People feel ‘entitled’ tobehave however they want and it’s shocking. I am believe it or not 33 years old.

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