The Mother’s Story

The opening programme to the Disarming Britain season tonight was something of an eye-opener.

And not just because Paula, the mother in question, wore her dead son’s eye on a chain round her neck.

Since the fatal double shooting of Paula’s son Eugene aged just 25 she’s done workshops in schools aiming to steer kids away from the dangers of gun crime and street weapons.

So it was interesting to see the reaction of the young people in question this time – with the camera paying focus on one teen in particular who seemed less than attentive.

‘I don’t think you’re funny,’ said Paula as the camera zoomed in. ‘If I’m boring ya, just say so.’

This could be your jacket I’m holding, and I could be your mother standing here.
That’s all I’ve got to say to yous.

Problem is, for some young people, it could already be too late.

But we shouldn’t stop trying.


One Response

  1. hi there, my name is karen. Please accept my deepst condolences to you. I am here for you to contact me as I am about to launch a local campaign against knife and weapon crime. I am obviously a mum who cares! like you. I feel so deeply sad to hear your story. words are not enough.
    blessings kx

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