The Truth About Street Weapons

Tonight at 8pm, Channel 4 will broadcast ‘The Truth About Street Weapons

2008 has sen a staggering number of teenage gang and knife attacks on Britain’s streets with a death toll comparable to that of our troops fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In this edition of Dispatches, part of the Disarming Britain season which examines the effect of gun and knife crime on Britain’s streets, [Dr Tunje Lasoye, Head of Accident and Emergency in London’s Kings College Hospital] meets police officers battling against the rising tide of violence and the victims – both the injured and those left behind by their murdered friends and family. And offering the insiders view, gang members, past and present, describe what drew them into carrying weapons.

Watch it if you can, and please let us know what you think here in the comments.


4 Responses

  1. i fink dat some boiz dat try cum to u on a hype den u av to defend ur self init .buh i fink dat boiz dat jus go up 2 ova boiz dat r frm different ends frm dem and shank dem r dum and pefetic because u cnt jus go and take some 1 elses life frm dem jus coz u dnt lyke em init .-

  2. To be honest, theres a gun and knife culture everywhere you go no matter where your from. Carrying a weapon is a sort of safety blanket because you never know hen someone could just pull a weapon out on you. Women are carrying weapons around in ear f being “raped”. I was watching a programme about knife crime being the lowest crime and that media portrey “Hoodies” or “thugs or “yobs” as being the blame for it all. When there are older people doing at is aswell such as men killing their wives or other pub brawls. If someone has a weapon on them it doesnt necassarily mean theyll use them. And i think it is really pathetic as amy says that if you don’t like them thats a justifyable reason to go stab someone. its absolutely obsurd. Poscode wars, racism, discrimination or just on the way you judge someone should never be a reason to stab someone and wreck a familyslives just because of some “grudge”

  3. Bradford , being a teenager myself a few of my friends have been stabbed but mainly its jus fighting.. They carry knives on themfor the defence. If they need it, it doesnt mean theyre going to neccassarily use it,

  4. […] The issue has been sensationalised by a media eager to exploit public fears [the truth about street weapons]. […]

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