Behind the scenes at Disarming Britain

There has been a good deal of comment about why Channel 4 is running a Disarming Britain season – a genuine attempt to investigate an alarming issue that affects us all, or just a cynical media exercise?

C4’s Head of News and Current Affairs, Dorothy Byrne, explains:

Earlier this year, we decided that Channel 4 should devote a substantial season of programming to the examination of gun and knife crime in Britain. It felt to us like something was changing about life on Britain’s streets – but we wanted to find out the facts. Was there really a huge rise in gun and knife crime? Were people right to feel so afraid? Were there potential solutions to the problem that we should examine?

Last year Channel 4 carried out a major commission into Iraq – we decided to adopt the same model for this very different subject and, as a result, set up the Street Weapons Commission. Chaired by Cherie Booth, the commission has toured the country to find out why so many young people now carry guns and knives. Much of the evidence and statistical data gathered has been very surprising – it seems that much of what we presume to be true about gun and knife crime is not correct […]

We genuinely believe that the season will bring some positive thinking to the debate on knife and gun crime.

More from the key people involved in this season can be found on the TV Show page here. You can also leave a comment, and we encourage you to do so. Because that, after all, is what it’s all about.


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