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Here’s a charming little comment submitted recently:

Pretty much it’s only poor people or drug addicts getting shot, which don’t really help the Country, if anything it’s a benifit to the tax payers. I’m not saying gun crime is a good thing, but if poor people want to kill themselves and others…I really couldn’t care less.

Somehow, though, it doesn’t seem that the author was a wannabe Jonathan Swift (think ‘A Modest Proposal’ – in which he satirically suggested we round up the street kids and use them for meat.)

No, poor people really are scum, aren’t they?

What an eejit.


16 Responses

  1. i can understand what he means that gun crime can be helpful, if it gets rid of ignorant people like him.

  2. Being poor isn’t a choice. People are born into certain circumstances that influence every decision they make, many of the choices that you were fortunate enough to make for yourself simply don’t apply to many others. I reckon your mummy and daddy put you through a nice school…you probably go round to get your clothes wached and get fed (Waitrose organic quiche anyone?) What your saying is the equivilent of saying kill everyone of a certain hair colour, race or religion (yes i am comparing you to hitler). If your born a /jew/muslim etc. tough…you gotta go! Your fault you should have have been born into a different family. You really are an eejit… Its people like you, obsessed with money, class and status, people who value competition over cooperation that are causing this problem. I’ve just realised that I hate you, no actually I pity you… get some help…you need it

  3. Come on young people put down your knives
    Sit right down, look at the mother who cries.
    Gone is the child she’d rocked to sleep
    Now they’re in Heaven for God to keep.
    Why? Is the question she has to ask
    Now her child is a thing of the past.
    So many memories of so little time!
    Taken away by this modern day crime.

    You have the answers, you are the key
    close your eyes for the future to see.
    How many friends will yuo have lost?
    as you grow older you will count the cost.
    Come on young people put down your knives
    Do it together and save some lives.

  4. I have been a rap fan for years, but i can honestly say i feel that gangster rap has to take some responibility for the gun and knife crime today, young kids listening to this are easily influenced, the music glorifies guns and gang culture.People may dismiss this comment but i fully belive rap, in particular gangsta rap is resonsible partly, I have witnessed kids from all races speaking in street slang shouting g-unit etc, the music is so negative, I cant understand after tupac and biggie were both killed why this didnt change yet a few years later you get 50 cent, the music hasnt progressed in 20 years, yet it sells. there are other rappers who arent gangsta but they dont sell as much, or dont appeal as much.The media needs to give this kind of music less exposure, anyone who says it isnt effecting culture is lying its effecting young people with negative values, i own a lot of gangsta rap records, i was a fan ,but now from being a tale of american ghetto struggles 20yrs ago,it has developed into a mass consumption cartoon of itself and contains no redeeming qualities, it is effecting youth today it cant be deined

  5. I don’t agree with what Nat said or the way it was said (although I defend Nat’s right to say it, especially on a website to which the public have been invited to contribute) but it reminds me of one of the problems I have with Channel 4’s “Disarming Britain” season. Gun and knife crime is not a problem that affects all parts of Britain equally: there are places where there is a lot of gun and knife crime and lots more places where there is little or no gun and knife crime. It is not a problem that is caused by all young people: there are some young people who carry guns or knife routinely and commit lots of gun and knife crimes and lots more young people who do not commit any crimes at all, never mind gun and knife crimes. It is not a problem that is caused by all young people in the most affected areas because some of the victims of gun and knife crime have been unarmed, outnumbered and innocent. So if gun and knife crime are not a nation-wide generation-wide problem why is it a problem in some places and amongst some people but not other places and people?

    Based on what I have seen, heard and read I am certain that the root cause of the problem is the “chav” culture, an extremely materialistic, narcissistic and sadistic cult that combines some of the worst aspects of white so-called working class culture (such taking pride in stupidity, having no consideration for your neighbours and viewing violence as a form of recreation) and the American-based gangsta rap culture. I don’t believe that all chavs are murderers and all murderers are chavs. However, I do believe that there is a correlation between the number of chavs in an area and the amount of crime in an area because the chav mentality is predatory, competitive and territorial. However, for some reason Channel 4 and other media organisations shy away from asking whether gun and knife crime is a product of the chav culture or even saying the word “chav” which in my view is like talking about the floods of summer 2007 without mentioning rain. Perhaps the issue of the chav culture could, should and will be raised in Sunday’s live debate but perhaps this supposedly hard-hitting season will manage to avoid it.

    In a Guardian article published just before the broadcast of the Disarming Britain season Mark Johnson (a member of Channel 4’s Street Weapons Commission) said that we should listen to the young people involved in gun and knife crime. Listen to them? I’m sick of hearing from them, of the aggressive music they make, the websites on which they post pictures or videos of themselves with their weapons and make threats and the documentaries in which they tell us about the “reality” of life of “the streets” that some people (such as Donal McIntyre and Ross Kemp) and media organisations keep making. During the season some guests have talked in sweeping terms about everyone being responsible for the problem and everyone needing to contribute to finding a solution but if a youth living many miles away from me is unwilling to co-exist peacefully with the people living around them and enjoys intimidating, assaulting and even killing people how is that my responsibility and how can I and why should I contribute to a solution when that youth’s mentality is the problem?

  6. Greetings all on the topic of Disarming Britain, firstly most of the young men involved are the childeren of the rioters of 1981 so by this it shows things are getting no better than pre 81
    secondly most of the young boys are the 1s who left school not being able to read and write, so the gun or knife is away of hiding, that fact that they cannot communicate normally ,and need popping up with weapons
    also Tribeblisum School tribes(gangs) post code tribes(gangs) football team tribes(gangs) its is promoted safety in numbers (gangs)
    we need to be making young people feel more like they can contribute to the community not that they are but the problem
    finaly parents where are your children ,when was the last time you visited the youth centre that your childeren
    got meet with youth workers or project leaders

  7. Hi AJ

    Thanks for your comments.

    I would like to point out, however, that in Bournemouth a few months ago there were two unrelated stabbings 200 yards and 20 minutes apart. Not so much the blue-rinse-brigade resort of yesteryear, huh?

    And tonight I am meeting Jen Singleton, whose 17-year-old son Lewis was stabbed to death in Southampton in March last year.

    Last night, I had word from a terrified woman in the West Country whose son was involved in gangs.

    So it’s not just the big cities that are affected. (Latest news: a 28-year-old woman was stabbed on the High Street in Peckham last night.)

    Even when it is the big cities affected, it’s not always the rough areas. Everyone was taken by surprise when Rhys Jones was shot dead in a comparatively quiet area of Liverpool.

    These are just a few of the reports we’ve had through.

    So, though you might say it is not a nationwide problem, it doesn’t mean communities shouldn’t come together to stop it becoming their problem.

    It could affect us all.

  8. Hello, i just saw the comment of the week. Do you people really understand!! We have lost the GREAT out of GREAT BRITAIN. What should be going through your minds is that stabbings does occur most places you visit, which you may not know about. So really the question is ‘Why do people carry guns and knives. Heres a few reasons why- Protection, to be used in violent attacks or theft etc… We should’nt have to be intimidated, we should bring back the death penalty then get rid of of the THUGS who think its alright to MURDER. That will create space for prisons for all the other people who thinks its ok to break the law. I know that if we tackle the crime on our streets we will bring back the GREAT. This is our country dont let these ANIMALS win. Please leave any comments ( you have the right to your own opinion)

  9. Wow its incredible people like this still exist, completely ignorant, dosent he watch the news mabe he has no TV… All are affected and anyone who has teenage children from all warks of life will understand the worry it is for them every day when their children go out. There is a break down in society and progress in one way or another has caused this but we need to all pull together, I hope that the awareness being raised now actually does something that we can physically start to see working.

  10. I agree with Ringo that Rap culture is partly to blame, from the time it started filtering into Britain from America in the 80’s i have seen a change and gang culture has become rife, reading your comment it makes sense but whatever the cause its happening now and the question is how or what can be done to stop it?

  11. I would like to point out to Aj that, as recent events themselves have highlighted, it’s not the children commiting the crimes that need protecting as such, but their victims. And in this sense, at least, it should be deemed a national problem- it’s the UK’s responsibility to protect its children. Was Ben Kinsella a ‘chav’?
    Regardless of whether he was or not the focus should be on how children in certain areas are becoming victims of a weapons culture they have never contributed to .

    Furthemore, I’d like to suggest that this ‘chav’ mentality, as AJ coins it, rather than shaping the emergence of an aggressive culture is growing out of it.

    It’s all about defence- if you live in somewhere like Radford in Nottignham and get robbed at least once a week by armed youths from rival postcodes you’re going to start to question how you can defend yourself. You’re held at gunpoint one week -are you going to remain defenceless in the next attck (which you know will happen!!)? I doubt it…ezpeciallly if you have children of your own.

    Some of these knife-carrying ‘chavs’ as you call them (and I’m certainly not defnding all of them!!) are merely unfortunate people reacting in the most efficient way to a situation they were born into.

    Hence why we need to speak to them- to gauge the severity of a situation most of us can’t comprehend.

    I think my concerns are being confirmed that ”chav’ is just a trendy euphemism used by the middle classes to denote those who are socially below them

  12. Emma, to address your last point first “chav” is not just “a trendy euphemism used by the middle classes to denote those who are socially below them”. The term “chav” is relatively new (“scally” and “townie” were amongst the terms used before “chav”), its use isn’t as trendy as it was a few years ago and it’s not just used by the middle classes (I’m a poor working-class person and I feel no guilt about using it to describe people whose behaviour is making the lives of law-abiding citizens miserable and contributing to the decline of working-class areas). I first encountered what I now describe as chavs whilst living in one of the cities featured in “Kids, Knives and Broken Lives” in the early 1990’s when a fellow passenger on a bus loudly told a friend that he wanted to burn down the university halls of residence the bus was passing. Was he an unfortunate person reacting in the most efficient way to a situation he was born into or a sadistic thug who fantasised about murdering people?

    However, if you still think that the “chav” culture doesn’t exist and has been invented by the middle classes and/or the media perhaps you could tell me how you would describe the stars of Channel 4’s Disarming Britain season and other similar programmes and whether or not those people are materialistic, narcissistic, sadistic, predatory, competitive and territorial? Have we seen gangs of goths showing off the guns and knives they use when mugging people, nu-ravers “repping their ends” or emo kids explaining how they like to pick the weakest people they see and assault them for some contrived disrespect? Or have we seen chavs, chavs and more chavs?

    Was Ben Kinsella a chav? I never said he was and I wouldn’t say he was. I would say he was a victim of the chav culture, a culture which fetishises knives, other weapons and violence. I repeat that not all chavs are murderers but when chavs want to kill they will kill other chavs or non-chavs or even their own relatives (as shown by two recent cases in the region where I live, one in which a girl fatally stabbed her sister and another in which a boy set fire to his family’s house, killing his brother). Chavs killed Sophie Lancaster (beaten because she was a goth), Kevin Davies, Steven Hoskin and Raymond Atherton (disabled people who were tortured and killed for entertainment), Garry Newlove (beaten for trying to defend his family’s property) and many more people. The chav culture didn’t suddenly appear out of nowhere and is the offspring of other cultures but it wasn’t created by the Chavscum website, Heat magazine or the creators of Little Britain. The chav culture was created by chavs.

  13. Haha, yeah of course – because that kid related to the ex-Eastenders star was really poor and drug addict yeah.

    That person has just completely over-generalised and assuming that because this sort of crime mainly occurs in the more built up inner city areas, that everyone is poor. End of the day, that person just needs to grow up because one day it might be one of their family that gets show – and then let’s see what kind of comments they make about the situation.

  14. I dont agree with the person of the coment of the week at all yes there people like dat getting killed wether there an addict to drugs or homeless but the fact is there ways to help people lke that rehab etc not by killing them and other fact is no one has the right to take it in to there hands and take some ones life. Death should be a natral thing some thing that no one has the right to play. FACT!!!!!!!!

  15. iv been watching the channel 4 show with tony blar wife in.I have one thing to say about dat show they ain’t got a clue!!!!!!they sit ther and go on and on about money it to much to send peps dat are bad to prison !they make me sick they want to send billioins on da olypics but wont spend the money on makeing Briten yhoths safe on our streets!they dont understand that that our kids are made to do thing, you know not to be picked on them live in a gangs town you have to be apart of them or your a target your self!i know it not fair but it life.peps on that show dont have a clue and i fell so strong about dis>i watched the show fall out to day and i have to say the man that write it is speaking the truth.he knows how hard it is to get on in those town and if tony blur wife tock a bit more advise from that they mit just start to understand whot going on in the the old bill said in fall out it aint a war coz war end if we want to stop it we have to stop poverty and untill the lords of the land tackel that we ani”got a chance it sad BUT TRUE.why put a price on our kids lifes.

  16. kids have to face violence on the streets every day from the age of 5 to 20+, it starts at school then continues on the streets, online etc there is no escape for some especially boys. Communities have broken down there is no structure anymore and the only solution offered when a child misbehaves is the police,detention centre, social services THESE SYSTEMS DO NOT WORK and if your child reaches sixteen and is still disruptive and hits back at you the social turn their back on you they all say call the police. This is not an answer it is a cop out and the government needs to give more families the REAL support they need BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. Especially when your begging them for help and willing to do what is necessary. There is nothing greater than a true mothers love this needs to be supported. VOTES, OIL, IRAQ, CARS, TRAFFIC, CONGESTION CHARGE. what level of importance do the children of our future carry??????

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