links for 2008-07-01

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  1. come on young people put down your knives,
    Sit right down and look at the mother who cries.
    Gone is the child she’d rocked to sleep
    Now they’re in heaven for God to keep.
    Why? Is the question she has to ask,
    Now her child is a thing of the past.
    So many memories of such little time,
    taken away by this, a modern day crime.

    You have the answers, you are the key
    close your eyes into the future you’ll see.
    How many friends will you have lost?
    As you grow older you will count the cost.
    Come on young people put down your knives.
    Do it together and save some lives.


  2. Everyone is trying to figure out how to end all this madness going on regarding stabbings and shootings, it is very simple:
    Firstly there should be a minimum 10 year prison term for anyone caught with a knive or gun, there would be an instant reduction in those carrying these weapons – worried about the harsh penalty.
    Secondly, prison is viewed by kids as a big joke, I have heard kids talk about having PS2’s and other game consols in jail as well as being sent in the latast designer clothes and trainers, is this a punishment or a holiday camp?
    I think that it is time that we stop discussing what we should do and do something, this is no joke, kids are getting killed and families and suffering.
    When a person takes a life of someone else in my opinion they forefit the right to claim any human rights!

  3. Thanks for the post

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