Respect or fear?

The DB blog site had a flurry of comments in last night as the Channel 4 series went to air.

The second programme of the night, ‘Kids, Knives, and Broken Lives,’ provoked a lot of response.

Katie Herring, 20, said:

I am watching “kids knives and broken lives” at the moment and what strikes me is that it’s not the weapons that are the problem it’s the readiness to use them.

Many of the kids on here say that “anything is a weapon”. They don’t even seem to think twice about causing serious harm to another human being. There is no contemplation, no remorse no thought!

Where has this arrogance come from, why do these people think they are owed respect.
Respect it is something you earn, these people are confusing respect with fear.

The respect issue is a big one.

If you come from a poverty-stricken, drugs-riddled, broken home with no role models around you – lets face it, you don’t choose your circumstances at birth – and your ‘gang’ mates constitutes the only real ‘family’ structure you know, you’ll do what comes natural.

So if your peers see respect as something gleaned from imposing fear – brandishing a weapon at any given opportunity, for example, then that’s what you’ll do.

So it’s a case of changing the mindset of these individuals. And if they truly believe that respect is gained through fear, then you’ve got a hard job in front of you.

As Simon Holworthy, a professor and speaker on the Street Weapons Commission show said, we need – as a society – to stop fearing Britain’s young people. But that said, ‘hug a hoodie’ tactics just wouldn’t wash with most. It’s got to be real.

Like Katie said, sadly, respect and fear seemed to have switched places in the dictionary somewhere down the line. But is it too late for those already deep in a life of violent crime?

Stay tuned this week and we might just find out.


8 Responses

  1. Was looking forward to the disarming britain episodes but felt that it never really gave a insight to Britains problem. I was expecting more up and close talking with Gang Members from around Britain but what i seen was not actuall gang members but some groups of boys who dont claim to be in a gang but talk about gangs and hang about there street Im a 22 year old lad from Glasgow who has been involved in Gangs for more than half my life. I just felt that the focus could have been better However it was good to hear what other cities are trying to do to prevent Gang Violence. We all know the problems glasgow has with Gangs and would of liked to have seen more footage from Glasgows problem as Glasgow has more gangs that London. what i seen last night was a bunch of wannabe gangsters who watch and copy American Gangs. Im not saying Glasgow is worse but felt that it just never gave a true insight to gangs and why people like myself joined gangs and carry out needless violence. A gang is more than just hanging about the streets its a brotherhood in Glasgow its a way of life for members of gangs who dont have families, i come from a good family in a way you could say i lead 2 lives. Gangs have always been a problem in todays world and personally there is nothing the Government can do to cut out gangs they may be able to reduce gang activity but it will always be here. there is no quick cure to gangs it will take years and years to start seeing a difference, Its happened in the past that the government/Law enforcement run campaigns but after a while they die away. So instead of government pumping money into useless projects it should sit back and look at what years of neglect to this problem has done and start to invest. Will gangs ever be wiped out…It’s prob got the same odds as the Pope turning Protestant and theres only 1 chance of that and it’s no chance. But great entertainment from C4.

  2. I watched dis last night!
    N yeh i roll wid ma mandem on roadz yehh…but ma manz r known through out plaistow but dey neva carry weapons like gatz n shankz coz dey kno not too!
    yeh dey ave respect…but not coz of dem carryin weaponz but because of hu dey are!
    N if manz on road carry weaponz it anint to gain respect its fear coz of otha manz carryin weaponz!
    D police make it worse by doin stop n search!!
    Yeh im 15 n im from d endz barking n dogenham but i roll in plaistow…i’ve been in gangz n yehh im a gyal but police dun tink dat gyalz would get up 2 tingz like dis…n i tink if dere woz more 2 do in dese endz den dere would b less crime!

  3. fear is respect. people fear you and your life will be alot easier. This is just a gimmick to make it look like there making a change…..the only way is to introduce the killers to the victims family and talk about why he did it and see if he would do it again. kids fighting with weopons aint never gonna stop

  4. […] evening ‘Kids, Knives & Broken Lives’. I shared the feelings of Wallace over on the Disarming Britain blogs who […]

  5. Fear is indeed the reason for gang behavior. Today the only people youngsters fear are other youngsters. As one of the people interviewed last night stated, we need to make the kids fear authority more than they do each other. Discipline at school from an early age would make a hell of a difference. We cannot force parents to discipline, but we can empower teachers and police to discipline more effectively. Consulting the gangs will just have them laughing at us, and feeling more recognized, and powerful.
    The gentleman last night who ran the after school disciplinary classes was virtually ignored (possibly cause it wasn’t pc). However he was the only one who touched on an effective solution.
    I carried a knife to school in 1972/73 ish, and got the shit beaten out of me by the physics teacher, and then my dad when I got home. I thank them both now for that. No trauma, no attempt to sue the education authority. The event knocked me, and I’m sure many others out of the desire of trying to get respect from pretending to be tough.
    Also do the people raving about the movie “adulthood” actually think it will have a good effect ?? what dumb arseholes… I took my knife after seeing “clockwork orange”.
    All films like these and gangsta rap does is encourage these kids to be worse.

  6. By the way…………..Trina why do you feel you need to talk in a language that most people don’t understand. Did you not want to get your point over, or were you more concerned with impressing us that you were in a gang, and could use that very very clever language ??
    I travel the world with my work, and meet thousands of people much poorer than anybody here could imagine desperate to learn the English language so they can better themselves.
    You, who has the great advantage of living here seem to want to wallow in your own stupidity. Trina, I assume you are a teenager ? try and think about your future. You have got great opportunities in this country, but not if you talk like a twat.

  7. Another cure if we are afraid of letting normal teachers discipline kids might be compulsory martial arts at schools.
    I started Taekwondo when I was 15, and it changed my life. I got rid of all my testosterone, and gained plenty confidence.
    In Japan youth crime is virtually non-existent. School is very strict, but they also all study Kendo from an early age.
    Right. I’ll shut up now.

  8. Trina………again. 11-31 you posted your blog. Why weren’t you at school.. Think of your future girl.

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