Something must be done

Mixed feelings after watching Dispatches: The Truth About Street Weapons last night.

Dr Tunje Lasoye, Head of Accident and Emergency in London’s Kings College Hospital, is alarmed by the increase in gun and knife crime cases coming through the emergency doors, and in particular the falling age of the victims. His message, having spoken to police, offenders, victims, families and gang members both current and ex, this that urgent action is required now while the problem is still relatively isolated. If we fail, it can only spread. Full marks to Dr Lasoye for his wide-ranging exploration and presentation.

But to hear some of the gang members talk about their lives, their problems, their ambitions (staying alive, basically)… well, it’s depressing stuff. It feels like it’s going to take more than extra coppers on the beat and a couple of youth centres to sort this mess out. Critically, communities and families will have to come onboard if we’re going to rid the streets of weapons – but there’s not much evidence of that happening while stop-and-search tactics are felt to be divisive.

Did you see the programme? What did you think?


2 Responses

  1. Im really glad that all this attention has been given to a problem i have been following for years.

    Crime and gangs is my job and pushing for funding in the right areas is my job and its disheartening that i, we and you are all trying so hard to make things happen for those affected youths only to be let down and knocked back by the statutory authorities, lack of funding and political influence

    Im fully aware that the proportion of knife and gun crime is only a tiny fraction of all crime thus not really impacting on crime reduction targets that police must meet but its impact is severe!

    Its not just a police matter, a large majority of gang areas are deprived neighbourhoods, often compromising solely of high density social housing, high teenage pregnancy, young populations – in fact the more deprivation factors affecting a neighbourhood the more likely it is gangs (or groups of youths) will bound together, this is not helped by the lack of “something to do”

  2. A brillant well crafted programme which unfortunalty has depressed me even more however there is light at the end of this dark tunnel as even the Islington dinner party set which Ms Booth or Blair depending on what she is doing is called is part of are sick and tired of their kids being in danger.The liberal experiment has failed but wait didt she say the Human Rights Act was the best thing that would happen to Britain? Was she oblivious to all this when her husband was running the country?
    Isn’t she a judge? One group who she has failed to critise for not passing deterrent sentences?
    Isn’t she part of that liberal elite that believe Britain is not broken? Will she now admit that the liberal criminal justice system has unleashed a whirlwind of problems combined with the destruction of the family unit that had seen Britain turn from Great Britain to Gangster Britain?

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