The Safety Box

Chanel Williams has been in touch to tell us about a London organisation called The Safety Box.

Have you ever heard of that saying, ‘prevention is better than cure’? We, The Safety Box, live by those words. In an effort to tackle this knife crime epidemic amongst youths from getting even worse and more lives lost, we are one of few organisations proactively tackling the problem from the grass roots.

The Safety Box believes that every person within a community has a responsibility for the children in it; be it parents, schools or institutions.

It’s not about alienating or victimising youths, but instead educating them and also listening to their fears. The kids in our sessions often ask, “People are always telling us to not carry knives, but what can we do”? The fact is, they are still children, some of whom sadly will never grow to be adults.

Not only do we educate them so as to deter them from knife carrying and violence, we also equip youths with non-violent tools and ways of protecting themselves through self defence, danger awareness and conflict resolution which gives them a sense of confidence and safety, as well as raising their self-esteem.

After all, it’s far better to compromise a situation than compromise your life.”


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