Welcome ET – go away Young People!

This is a guest post by Nathan John, managing director of Youth Enlightenment Ltd.

A week doesn’t go by without some story to do with young people in Britain highlighting how far they have fallen from grace. From teenage pregnancies to binge drinking, from sexual assaults to gangs, guns and knife crime! So it’s understandable that adults feel uncomfortable about striking a conversation with a teen or even sitting next to them on a crowded bus.

It’s clear to me that we would be more welcoming to ET that our own Young People!

As understandable as it is, this alienating attitude is allowing our “Youth Crisis” to continue and spiral out of control! We can no longer sit on the sidelines and see how this pans out…this is not a Shakespeare play or the latest blockbuster movie…this is the lives of our children.

Yes OUR children! Unless we ALL take responsible for OUR community we will ALL continue to be affected in some shape or form by their actions!

I admit that some of the youth issues are very complicated but one of the solutions is very basic: communication! It really is good to talk and it does not only offer an outlet for them but it allows us to impart some of the knowledge and wisdom that we have gain from life experience which they lack. Don’t be afraid – just keep it informal, basic and ensure it’s a two way conversation. Try not to preach but teach.

We all know that there is power in numbers; the increase in teenage gangs has even shown us this so why don’t we start to stand together against the problems presented to us everyday and work until the future shines bright once again!!

As Nelson Mandela said on Friday 27th June 08 “It’s in our hands now”!

For more information on Nathan and Youth Enlightenment Limited, click here.

2 Responses

  1. Whilst i am grateful that our media, particularly TV and the press, have lately been focusing on knife and gun crime, I hope the coverage will not just as quickly fade as they move on to the next ‘news-worthy’ issue.

    Because until all these efforts by the media help make a significant reduction in youth crime, particularly fatal ones, i hope the media will continue to keep the current level of coverage.

    Ms Serwah

  2. The alternatives that we as older people in society does not give these young people confidence. Yes we had to struggle when we were growing up, but these young people are growing in a more stressful time and are more angry as a result. The stressess of life for an adult has taken their attention off their duties as perents and gaurdians. A lot of young people not only feel let down by their peopl but rejected by society from even in schools to a level nthat they feel they are wasting their time in trying to make an impact in a society that has already rejected them.
    We have a lot of work to do and to be heard we have to stand together and i agree with a lot of what you have said in your statement. No real attemot by the government to address issues other than tougher laws which will push our YP further into the abyss but media amplifying the issue and instilling that fear into the older members of society was are so caught up in their own lives that the have not taken the time to realise that we may have been a cause to this problem

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