Listening out

A Street Weapons Commissioner, Mark Johnson – himself a reformed drug addict and gang member, spoke recently about his experiences touring with the Street Weapons Commission in a Guardian article – and he’s certainly got a point by saying kids need to be spoken to by people they relate to – not the typical middle class bunch whose lives are far removed from their own.

It’s the kids that need to be spoken with (not to) to find out just why they do it, what the big attraction, the big draw is. At the end of the day, kids have always hung around and played out. Just maybe not with knives and guns. Or any other weapon for that matter.

But Disarming Britain has been actively speaking and interacting with young people in other places they flock to – social networks such as Bebo, Facebook, and Myspace, as well as here, actively encouraging them to comment, submit music tracks and videos too, telling us how they feel about the situation and what can be done about it. There’s been some incredibly positive stuff, which should be recognised and commended.


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