Have your say on Disarming Britain

It’s your chance to have your say on the Disarming Britain season.

The TV Show, a monthly C4 programme dedicated to viewer feedback and opinion, will be featuring a debate on Disarming Britain in tomorrow’s show, airing at 4.10pm.

In response to feedback, the following questions will be asked:

  • Is the Disarming Britain season encouraging positive debate on the issue of gun and knife crime, or does it run the risk of glamourising the possession of weapons to impressionable youths?
  • Mark Johnson’s point, made in the Guardian, will also be debated. He asked if “a bunch of middle class people” were qualified to talk about and potentially solve a problem they “can’t understand”. Is that a fair criticism of the Disarming Britain season?

Confirmed guests for the show are Ed Braman, C4’s commissioning editor for news and current affairs, and Alex Gardiner, executive producer of The Truth About Street Weapons.

If you would like to contribute your views to the show, or even join the live studio audience tomorrow afternoon, please contact thetvshow@princesstv.com

Want to have a look at the Commission’s finding’s for yourself? Here’s the report .


13 Responses

  1. Discipline!!!!!!! That is all I can say. If a child can get away with stuff from an early age, what should stop him when they are much older?
    I mean even the teacher in school has little authority over the children.

    In africa, children have basic things. They are brought up by tough love. It works.The community is involved in raising a child, so the neighbour is allowed to discipline a child if they are caught doing something wrong.

    If you tried the same in England, for sure you will end up in jail. The community has to be involved for anything to work.

    Someone the other day was saying on TV that the poor are the ones who carry knives and guns. And what was that person trying to do? Trying to separate themsleves from the problem, forgettin that it affects everyone irregardless of status.

    The problem of gang culture will not end until the youth are given a substitute. Clubs to join, like drama, music, boxing etc. These clubs will give them a sense of belonging after school.

  2. Why are all these disarming Britain shows on late at night? do you think more variety of poeple would of watched it if it was on earlier in the evening.

    Another thing why are all these shows based around black poeple what happened to the other races?

    Why do the majority of the youth these days haev a proper attitude – we need to get rid of the attotude be more excepting of other races, leave the chips at home and try and get ourselves educated

  3. […] your say Posted on July 4, 2008 by Nat Earlier today, we let you know how to have your say on the Disarming Britain […]

  4. High School has a huge role in developing a young persons self esteem. Working with special needs kids in a mainstream school I can point out which ones are likely to become involved in criminal activity. I have pointed this out to the leadership of the school and have highlighted the fact hat these kids are vunerable and need extra social support. The schools are not interested in funding this , the priority in schools is league tables and good gcse results. It’s a sad state of affairs………..

  5. in response to carolines comment.
    ” The problem of gang culture will not end until the youth are given a substitute. Clubs to join, like drama, music, boxing etc. These clubs will give them a sense of belonging after school.”
    all these things already exist it is just these kids in gangs choose not to use them the only way to solve gang crime is to punnish them and i hate to say it bring in curfews for young teens to keep them off the street and put more police out on the beat to enforce them and any one over the age of 16 not in college and univeristy made to work and don’t say there are not enough jobs because there are enough jobs to go around it is just people seem to choose not to take the jobs available to them. and don’t any one dare say that polish and other imigrants are stealing are jobs they are not stealing them they are DOING them because a lot of british people are either to lazy or think they are to good to do the kind of job’s these people are doing

  6. This country really needs to sort out the goverment they are well to soft on our kids. they are all about human rights for the killer but what about the kids that died the goverment dont care until one of there own is killed then it will all change.

  7. The state is the biggest criminal. Forget gangs! The state itself is the real criminal here. I have nothing but admiration for these young lads in gangs, because so much of life in Britain is dull and they have to do something to survive. It’s all about survival. The capitalist state has split apart the family and has created a generation of disaffected youths. The state is the criminal here not the gangs. The gangs are innocent!!

  8. What a load of rubbish spouted off by the yoof. NOBODY makes you go out and shoot or stab someone, and all i heard was we need money spent on this or that. What about responsibilities, to your self or your fellow humans?

    All the effort was focused to helping the poor little darlings out of their problems – deal with it help yourself, stop this passing the buck by stating -glibly – that it ain’t my problem, society made this way, Bo******x. You are what you are; Sort it out.

  9. ” The problem of gang culture will not end until the youth are given a substitute. Clubs to join, like drama, music, boxing etc. These clubs will give them a sense of belonging after school.”

    It may be true that in some cities and town there is a lack of things to do. In Liverpool where I live there are tons of boxing clubs, tons of gyms, tons of martial art classes they could attend.

    It is the state, the daily boredom of worklessness, political ennui, lying politicians and the trecherous clergy who are trying to pacify these young lads. The best way to tame a young lad is to pacify him; but then he ends up rebelling. There is a language behind the life of gangs and it speaks volumes about our rampant capitalist society and the politicians who are put there to make us believe we have freedom. These lads are trying to survive in a degenerate cpaitlist driven society. Why do these gangs all wear black? Because they are grieving?! They know it is a matter of survival and pride that they should resist this hell modernity that has been made by businessmen, politicians and isnidious old men in positions of power. The state is the only criminal here!

  10. “Discipline!!!!!!! ”

    Sorry but I have to strongly disagree. Discipline is very different from guidance. Discipline makes people obedient and that is what these gangs are trying to resist. Discipline has pacified us; just what the state wants. Can you imagine everybody having power? The state wouldn’t allow it. So they discipline the children and they turn into zombies. These lads don’t need discipline; they are doing this to survive; it is instinct.

    What the state wants is for everyone to be obedient so that the mases don’t revolt against the eilte (the owners) and the police do their job (protecting the elite). Everyone pays tgheir taxes, they’re told through religion and the media that the devil will find work for idle hands to do, and the only people that profit from this are the lying scheming trecherous eilte who run the whole show.

  11. On the channel 4 programme today we heard how little moralistic females with crucifixes around their necks want justice and that these gangs “have evil minds”. And I see them nodding in agreement!

    What kind of people were on this panel? Cherrie Boothe? You think a barristar can sort this out? She is the elite. Her, and her war mongeror of a husband Tony Blair. These are the people who profess to care. They don’t care. They are put in these position sof power to make you and I believe that something is being done. The truth is that these people are the false protectors of our society. They uphold all the worse elements that renegede against individual freedoms. The problem of gangs is the problem of sociery. You can only suppress people for so long and then they burst and they attack, not out of some “evil”, as one little moralistic female retorted, but from instinct.

    Over and out.

  12. most of the documentarys going about disarming britain dont even know what their on about, they say that it should be all about rebuildatation and funding youth centres, we disagree with passion that this is not the way to go because 10% out of 100 will go to youth centres and rebuilatition, we dont think there is any turning back or undoing what the youths today are like, only what we can hope is to prevent the next generation of youths to follow the same path as the youths today are walking, we only can start to be tough on crime giving bigger sentences for those who carry and use weapons,
    we believe that people who carry weapons will use them so therefore they should be sentenced hard to prevent further carrying of weapons,
    and for those who use weapons and harm people should be sentenced as attempted murder,
    we feel being tough on this subject will prevent further weaponed crime,
    and for those who use the excuse of carrying a knife for their own protection still should be classed as a threat even though their intentions arent too mindlessly attack someone their still a threat and should be dealed with appropriatly,
    and for the witnesses to come forward with confidence we need more protection for them, if not we really cant see upstanding members of the public comeing forward and giving their statements against mindless criminals who have no respect for them selves and other welbeings (we cant blame them) but these are the issues we need to attend to,
    this is an opinion from a 17 and a 21 year old who knows whats happening first hand instead of some middle aged youth councilors, (you need to be in the problem before you understand it and deal with it appropriatly,
    regards steph and wayne.

  13. In answer to Gordon up there:

    You think the daily hardships of life don’t push people to the edge? What are you? Some ex-marine commander?!

    No-one is stating that we should not take responsibility for ourselves, but we don’t live in a vaccum. We are thrown hither and thither by the circumstances beyond our control most of the time. Have some compassion!

    You are what you are? Oh yes, but with children it is different. They “become”; they have to mould and furnish their characters. Once you get a certain age your character is probably already furnished and you won’t change. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Have some compassion!

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