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Earlier today, we let you know how to have your say on the Disarming Britain season.

Over on our Facebook group, Louis P. Burns posted his thoughts on the wall:

“Mark Johnson’s point, made in the Guardian, will also be debated. He asked if “a bunch of middle class people” were qualified to talk about and potentially solve a problem they “can’t understand”. Is that a fair criticism of the Disarming Britain season?”

Can’t it be argued that as long as it’s being discussed, people from all ‘classes’ (I hate that word) are getting their minds opened up to other ways of looking at life? Still very poignant to me from the series was what the A&E doctor said about the trauma victims in the last moments of life go through. How the hell does anyone deliver that kind of news to someone fading out senselessly?

“Is the Disarming Britain season encouraging positive debate on the issue of gun and knife crime, or does it run the risk of glamourising the possession of weapons to impressionable youths?”

You’d need to be a sad case to be inspired violently by the Disarming Britain series. I’ve found it a highly informative expose on gun and knife culture.

And just like Rebecca Monique Williams, he had praise for Fallout:

To cap all of that, the movie last night; Fallout should be nominated for several awards. It was perfectly acted, held a gripping pace, addressed all angles caught up in gun culture and delivered a damn fine bit of new drama. Powerful stuff (thumb’s up) – On a par with Nil By Mouth and A Sense of Freedom. Pure excellence…

Remember, if you want to get your thoughts heard, or maybe even join the studio audience in tomorrow’s programme, which goes out at 4.10pm, send a message to thetvshow@princesstv.com


15 Responses

  1. to be honest, what’s the point in making all these tv programs where families have a go at the government and tell them to “disarm britain”, how can they physically do that? what do you people want them to do? go round to every single house in the UK and throw out any objects with sharp edges, or something that can fire anything out of it. then go to every shipping yard and make sure that no boats are shipping in guns, or knives?
    i watched some program last night. not sure what it was called. anyway. it showed young children causing havock on the street. their excuses were that “that’s what they’ve always known” and “they’re easy to get hold of”. no offence to these half-witted, un educated youths, if they didn’t give abuse to innocent families in their area, then they wouldnt get attacked back, therefore, they wouldn’t have to “protect” themselves.
    i am 15 years old. immature. a typical teenage girl. not too smart. but i’m clever enough to understand that these people are such idiots. and so are the people that blame the government. i only blame the youths themselves, and in some cases: the parents. who give off bad examples to their 15 kids, or however many they decide to push out of their tarr infested bodies, as they should show their kids that it’s not right to do what others around them do. this bad behaviour gives youths a bad name. not all teenagers run around with hoods over their faces, breaking windows and buying guns to “protect” themselves (unaware how to use them too !)
    my point is
    britain will never be disarmed. due to the world that these youths are being brought up in.
    think about protecting the world itself through wars. not the pathetic children who go round pretending they’re “hard” with their faces covered up to hide their somewhat “cool” identity.
    the only way to disarm britain: would be to disarm the attitudes that people have towards eachother. then innocent people wouldn’t be being killed for “turf” as these stupid people call the block/estate they live on.
    get real britain.

  2. im soz Harriet but darlin you dont have a clue!yes we know that the youths of to day run round thinkin ther hard but you have to look at da reson why!100 yr ago kids din’t fill that if they had a problem with some1 they would stab them up no they sorted ther problems out like humans not anmals!it hard these day to tell them it wrong when the first thing this country dose when they got beef with with som1 is get the bombs out you know send our people over ther telling them to do as i say not whot i do is ball!start by talkin not judging!ask how they fell about the fact they dont see ther mum coz she work 3 job to take care of them!ask how they fell about the fact they dont go to school and will always be poor!talking help judging dose nothink!to talk like that makes you part of the problem.next time you see a HOODY as call it just watch them they need help but the thing is we just dont have answer yet.

  3. i feel so bad about what happing to the young people we should live as one family so many parent are crying today i dont blame the police for searching them be strong all u family out there who have love one am praying for u all god be with u all.

  4. We have seen an influx of gang culture imported from America and we have seen the ascent of black supremecy both in the high street, in shcools and in pop music. It is no longer hip to merely wander the streets listening to Morrissey on your mp3 sporting a quiff and Doc Martens. It’s all about status, bling, and oneupmanship. We have also seen “respect for ethinic minorities” and “respect for religion”, we have seen political correctness gone crazy and we have seen abhorent police brutality. One the one hand government likes to tell us what to do, even telling us how much alcohol we can drink and yet without the sales from alcohol the government would not profit. It is not in their vested interest to reduce the consumption of alcohol; all they are doing is they are putting out their presence to the credlous public who believe they are “doing something about it”. The same applies to tobacco advertising.

    I know some “hoodies” in my neighbourhood. These lads are often brought up without any father figure and now any mother figure. This is the state’s fault for allowing rampant captialism and long working hours to split the family in two. These lads have been caught up in the capalist machine through these hip-hop and rap gangs who weild their bling, and shake their booties in the name of the cult of surfaces. The shallow pates of modernity have left these lads without a real purpose; not jobs and stuff but the purpose of revolting against the tryanny of oppression from the eilte who continue to rule this world. First, remove any obistacles in the way, the ends justify the means. The only way we can give these lads a good path to follow is to remove the insidious threat called rampant capitalism and the cruel lysing scheming false protectors: the Church and the Government.

  5. In the future I forsee that with the increase of political ennui and charlatanary amongst politicians, the pacification process taken to new heights with the help from little moralistic religious females and community co-workers, media driven hype, increased rampant capitlaism, the reduction in free time, the increase in tax, the slow and steady errosion of civili liberties, and the retardation of our children due to a failing education system, there will be an increase in violence and crime from the lower orders:

    ‘First-Nation’ archaic cultures are the most obvious victims of anomie occurring from the head on collision between modern high-tech culture and stone-age subsistence living. But even within the modern western world the effects of science and technology changing, revolutionizing and discrediting tradition are taking their toll, school shooting anyone? Another kernel pops, the news crews package the carnage into a 60 second evening spot and everyone not dead takes an aspirin for the sense of mild unease and tries to get some sleep for the early work day tomorrow’

    Not very good, is it?

  6. I think the answer is God and like the Lady said last night it’s not the guns/knifes but the minds of the people behind them. There are underlying issues that need to be delt with and I beleive with God and the love and support of Church or Church youth groups things could change. There is a huge revival taking place in Florida and amazing things are happening. (To check it out go to GOD t.v. channel 760). It’s coming to London and when it does I believe peoples hearts will be changed. Things just can’t go on like this.

  7. In response to Jo:

    “I think the answer is God..”

    Oh really? Let me tell you the problem IS God. Our value system since the two world wars were predicated upon the arbiters of the Church; these priests hid behind cowardice as they yet again translated the future generations into the sovereignty of the Church; of God himself. These liars achieved the miracle of falsification as they believed that all young men should be little soldiers for Christ and go to war! All the Christian values forsooth. No. The answer is not God; it is the problem. Christian values of nihilism and degeneration; that nothing any more has any value is responsible for much of the anomie that we see in these gangs.

    “There are underlying issues that need to be delt with and I beleive with God and the love and support of Church or Church youth groups things could change.”

    I don’t think so. The Church is not interestng in “improving” anyone; its modus operandi is to make people sick; ill with all the feelings of the canaille. The Church is an abomination and must be destroyed.

    “and like the Lady said last night it’s not the guns/knifes but the minds of the people behind them.”

    Little moralistic females, or males. It is nothing to do with “minds” but with instinct and survival. Stop moralising and start thinking!

    “There is a huge revival taking place in Florida and amazing things are happening. (To check it out go to GOD t.v. channel 760).”

    A nation down the drain.

    “It’s coming to London and when it does I believe peoples hearts will be changed. Things just can’t go on like this.”

    Another nation down the drain. What we do not need is another false religion and another generation of young men raped of their consciences. There is no difference, in my view, between the Church and what it does and the Nazis in the war era. Both are parasites, both rape young for lies and both put pernicious sickly ideas into the spirit of young men and women.

    No wonder our world is messed up.

  8. If you are in favour of UK citizens having there right to Concealed Carry returned to them, please sign this position:


  9. Thanks for that, Bruce.

    As I’ve said before, there is no “debate” going on here; if there were, you would have given recognition to the view that “disarming Britain” is the problem, not the solution. See the comments under “Disarming Britain – trailer”.

  10. Thanks for that bruce I just signed the petition.

  11. Gonzo, not sure if that is directed at me? I hope it is clear that I agree with you. A disarmed and defencless society IS the problem and not the solution.

    I also agree that there is no debate on this topic. Furthermore, from a historical point of view it is quite amazing how quickly we rolled over and gave up our right to bear arms and self defence. Why did we do that?!

    Even when we reap the whirlwind people dont look at the obvious (and cost effective!) solution.

  12. Martyn, this is a blog, where you can have your say in the matter at hand why is it that you think you have all the answers to everthing that someone says, how about you leave you input and leave everyone else to leave theres, maybe if you didnt jump at the bloger’s they would post more and put more input in to the site and the matters what we are all adressing, there is no need to critisise everyone, just leave it out.
    Jo your entitled to your say, keep posting.

  13. Wayne and Steph, they are not adressing the matter; they are entertaining their moral prejudices that they get from their religious brainwashing. Do you honestly think that their answers will help our children? I don’t. I think the cause of our problems is that we have given to much power to those who have stamped everything with the name of God. And these pernicious faith-Jockeys believe they are changing hearts and minds (i.e corrupting their intellects) and not just their intellects!

    Wherever I see God I will fight back against this tyrant that has sown the seeds of destruction in the minds of the young; our generation down the drain. I make no exception to little moralistic females/males like Jo. GOD IS NOT THE ANSWER.

    You wanted to know. So there you go.

  14. Hi,
    I have been looking for some positive solution towards disarming Britain and crime reduction. I rarely come across any positive solution. Everyone is talking about putting these kids in jail and so on. Most of those young ones interviewed gave me the impression that they had nothing much interesting to do and so they just hang around doing useless things and gradually drifting to crime. Instead of pointing a finger at them and wasting money on extra policing, why can’t we give free classes in schools after class hours? Why can’t we spend money on appointing some talented people from different fields and give free lessons in sports, drama and other skills? – Usha

  15. Usha, because the people in power are vicious b*st*rds. The rulers create chaos; it is essential that there be crimes, so that when they pull their propaganda stunts, and are seen to be ‘doing something about it’ people vote for them. It’s called ‘leading by-the-nose’.

    These kids have plenty to do; it is not for want of doing something that is the problem; it is the created anomie through decades of lies and spin and propaganda through the media and religion. Kids don’t want to get up at 6am to the office come home and figure out how they’ve been shafted by the system. The last thing the government wants is a nation capable of critical thinking…

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