Disarming Britain – the live debate

Tomorrow at 7pm Jon Snow will front a live debate on the culture of street weapons.

If you’d like to contribute your point of view to the programme, email


3 Responses

  1. As a someone who has been multiply stabbed in my youth, note “not victim“, I feel I can speak now as a 40 year old with some conviction, what happened may have been my own fault, I was a young male looking to prove my masculinity not only to my self but to my peers about me, and in a fight one Friday night I was stabbed, at the time I really thought I was going to die, I still remember to this day saying out loud to my self, “God not now, please not now, iv not finished yet” as I stumbled away covered in my blood, did it change me, no, I felt pissed that the other guy had produce a knife, I felt I was the better man and to me he was a coward.

    And this is where I think we should go, by saying to young males with knives, speaking to them on a base level ( and on my “then” level,) that they understand that knives is a cowards tool, like the gun,
    If you need to prove your self, ( which I believe these young men are doing) the two lumps of meat and bone at the end of your wrists are the mans tool, not a weapon, that’s something anyone can do, an old woman can pick up a gun, hence gun, the great leveller,

    So this is my view, once we ridicule the weapon on the street as thus, not just to us who know the damage an consequences of using them, but to youths on the street, the kids that scream small horizons, no self worth, and seeking respect in all the wrong endeavours, that waving a knife about is not showing you’re the man, but you’re a scared boy who’s afraid of what people think about him in his small enclosed concrete world.

    And the people who can do this, isn’t the police, not some guy who never found his masculinity in a suit, not some middle class female social worker, not a vicar or a clueless do gooder, but by the older generation who we’re street fighting kids in there day, self assured men , ex forces, old school tough guys, who these kids will look up to, and respect, im not trying to stop all violence on the street, as that’s to tall an order at the moment I feel, just the pointless deaths we see today of these poor young kids, that I know like all the other generations of rough edged kids gone before, that the establishment and Daily Mail readers have endlessly shouted about from there ivory towers, “as the end of society,“ WILL one day ‘Grow up’. look back and shake there heads at the young boy left in the shadow of there adulthood.

  2. 2008 begins with little abate in the medias’ reporting of murders, particularly the demographically highlighted, I stress the murders was always happening, however it seems that government policy may well be changing (in means of reporting) not necessarily addressing the core reasoning or histories of this pattern and more crucially its alignment with America’s socio-economic and racial policies, determined on a basis that postulated that certain racial groups had a limited capacity for learning, culminating in a passive genocide (or mentacide); passive (or secondary) in terms of the conceptualisation of the guilt of the victim, arresting a black social theory, acting as a catalyst for the influx of Crack cocaine and arms into areas designated by their racial socio-economic make-up, the belief that lending resources to a education policy that genuinely addresses consistent deficits across racial grouping. This system is evident in the U.K, however seemingly mutated so that the factors compounded in low socio-economic groups face a struggle that the black contingency have known well for countless decades…Life without true unarrested depth; where there is no true tomorrow.

    The fingers point at Black culture; where non-black children are even seen as acting black, when acting in a “ghetto” fashion – the point here is that society wishes the words Black and Ghetto to be interchangable…when there were no such ghettos pre-slavery.

    Moreover, the micro reflects the macro; whereby countries possess significant arsenals to prevent other countries using their significant arsenals = “World Peace”, where I grew up the council estates was our World…

    I am a father of three, a psychologist, and an elder to a few youth gangs in Newham…as an elder, I need the youngers to realise that my record stunted my adult growth – even though I am surprised that I have lived this long…many of them will too – the life you lead now will not allow you to escape and will haunt you in the future in a way that is almost incomprehensive as the rules are ones that are unknown in the “Hood”; where everything you are now depicts that you do not have a true tomorrow or adulthood. Other cultures have schemes of marriage and escape at certain ages, those cultures also seemingly have an elevated financial/property desire, maybe for dynasty…we have a broken culture and thus little link to our elders; as an Elder I do work in the Newham community and squash situations between gangs that have previously escalated into stabbings, shootings and death…I also endeavour to make a style of music that the youngers can listen to, but consists of information relevant to them understanding the history, plight and the prospective of a veteran…still lost in the game – Bless


    More will be done when more significant people die…

    Marc of the Infirmary

  3. I disagree; the death of Stephen Lawrence was signcificant. Yet what followed was a mish mash attempt to acknowledge racism and marginalisation.

    The police service now does not fear allegations of racism; they fight them with ferocity. If more people die or significant people die, then we can expect the usual temporary uproar, and rise of do good liberals.
    Racism is at the core of Black youths challenging.

    Essentially whilst there is a rich poor divide with Black people at the bottom, and where no one wants to acknowledge racism, the lack of opportunity, the stresses of single parenting within cultures, and hope and education for the thousands, then the hope will be limited to knee jerk reactions.

    Until it affects you , it doesn’t affect you. Until this issue starts affecting the middle and upper classes little may change. And the fact is currently and hisorically gun and knife crimes affect the masses not the rich..

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