Gloomy reading

Research published today based on a poll of 1,000 16 to 24-year-olds paints a depressing picture of young Britain:

  • 41% said they are unhappy
  • 28% said they “wish they were someone else”
  • 63% think young people are more depressed now than ever before

As for violent crime:

  • 78% said they do not feel safe walking the streets
  • 50% said they feel the UK is less safe than a year ago
  • 20% of males under 24 have been threatened with a knife or weapon 4
  • 47% of all participants said this has happened to someone they know
  • 11% have been asked to join a gang
  • 15% felt pressured into carrying a weapon
  • 27% know at least one person their age who carries a weapon

That almost 4 out of every 5 young people say they don’t feel safe on the streets is sad and alarming.

One Response

  1. i still maintain that kids growing up in a culture that glorifies warfare and the use of weaponry to carve some ‘turf’ (foreign lands) for themselves by use of armed soldiers, gets what it deserves. withdraw troops engaged in conflict with other lands and teach the next generation how to be proactive, and violent incidents will decrease.

    commom sense really:

    louis p. burns aka lugh…

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