Lives Not Knives

Had enough of knife crime? Then why not follow Kanayo’s lead and set up your own anti-weapons group on a social network?

Kanayo chose Bebo for her ‘Lives Not Knives‘ group. It already has nearly 200 members and stacks of comments. She comes at the issue from a Christian perspective.

A group or even just a personal profile gives you a space to air your views and share those of others.

Our own Disarming Britain profile on Bebo has been very popular (we’re also on MySpace and Facebook).

So don’t just sit there – join a group or set up your own and make yourself heard.

One Response

  1. Hi. I am apart of a Christian ministry call “Loud Whiperz” and tomorrow we are showing a play call “The Postcode War”. Our play has generated a lot of interest because of the youth killings going on recently. The play identifies the effects these killings have on families, the environment and the society we live in today. If you go on to Youtube and search for “The Postcode War” you will see the trailer for the play. Please have a look, it’s only 1min .16secs long. Thank you. God Bless

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