“Knife crime” searches on the up

Hitwise, a company that monitors how we use the internet, has some interesting analysis about knife crime.

Research director Robin Goad reports:

Following a recent spate of stabbings in the UK (particularly in London) and the media coverage that these events have attracted, people have become more concerned about the threat of knife crime. As a result, searches for the term ‘knife crime’ have increased noticeably over the last few weeks.

For the 4 weeks ending 19 July, ‘knife crime’ was the top search term containing the word ‘crime’, and also the top search term containing the word ‘knife’. The media coverage may have fuelled the fear, but news sites have also been the primary destination of people searching for ‘knife crime’

Of course, here at Channel 4 we’ve been running our own extensive Disarming Britain project to highlight and investigate the issues. The response from young people, both here on this blog and on our profiles on Bebo, MySpace and Facebook, has been tremendous.

But what happens now that the TV programmes have finished and the Street Weapons Commission has submitted its report? Will knife (and gun) crime remain a big media story?

One thing’s for sure: while teenage murders continue at the present rate, with all the associated fear that this brings, the subject is going to remain at the heart of our everyday lives.

(You can see the stats and charts at Hitwise here.)


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