Ladettes blamed for violent crime rise. Girl gangs to follow?

So far, little’s been said on the topic of girl gangs. But, just as we know gangsters’ molls often stand behind their man, there’s been talk of young guys arming up to impress their girlfriend. It’s not that much of a long shot to think that some girls would be impressed by their feller being top dog in a gang.

But now, violent attacks committed by young women have reached record levels, statistics show.

The shocking rise has been blamed by some critics on “ladette” culture and links binge drinking to the rise in violent crime.

These figures show an alarming rise in the number of violent offences committed by women, fuelled by this Government’s lax approach to binge drinking

– Dominic Grieve

Figures from the Ministry of Justice reveal the number of women arrested for “violence against the person” in England and Wales has shot up from 78,900 in 2005/06 to 87,200 in 2006/07.

This equates to 240 female arrests each day and it is the first time more women have been arrested for suspected violent crimes than for theft and handling stolen goods.

The category includes offences ranging from street brawls to grievous bodily harm and murder.

The report, which was released on the internet last night, reveals that women aged 21 and over were the age group with the biggest number arrested for violent offences with 52,800, while 23,000 women aged 10 to 17 were arrested and those aged 18 to 20 accounted for 11,200 arrests.

The number of males arrested for violent crimes has also risen by more than 31,000 since 2005/06, with males aged 21 and over the greater offenders.

It also reflects the trend in young people to commit offences relating to theft and handling stolen goods.

In 2006/07, 263,400 males were arrested in connection with these charges, while 80,200 females were arrested for similar offences in that year.

Are the tides changing? How long before we see more girls arming up?

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  1. Of course, women have more power now than ever before. I mean, they’ve always had some power, but now they want equality. Well, let them have it, but they can’t be equal and at the same time expect to get special treatment by men who feel that women need to be protected and told that they are loved all the time. Young girls are untouchable. It is understandable that young lads want to mess about , but is is not so acceptible for girls to mess about. So when girls now ‘act-up’ and mess about we are shocked by it. Why are we surprised by this? Don’t we want people to be equal?

    Women are not equal to men and vice-a-versa. We treat young girls different to young boys. Why?! The rise in girl gangs (and that there are girl gangs at all) shock us because ‘girls are meant to be sugar and spice…” ; when young girls fly in the face of this assumption we are shocked by it.

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