Natalie Harrison and Kyle MacRae are journalists working for Channel 4.


Their aim is find out what news issues matter to young people, find out who’s talking about them, and find a way to reflect them. This blog focuses on young people affected by street weapons. It runs until August 2008 and is linked to Channel 4 TV’s Disarming Britain project.


Our journalists might join discussions on social networks like Bebo, MySpace and Facebook. They might interview people, get quotes, share Channel 4 News content where it would be useful or interesting, find interesting video content, and blog about what they have found.

They agree to:

• Be clear about who they are and what they’re doing.
• Work within the terms and conditions of the social networks they’re in.
• Whenever they intend to quote you or use your content they will only do it with your permission. They’ll ask for this by email.
• If they want to use content on the Channel 4 site (eg. by embedding an image or video) they will ask you to confirm that it’s your own work, and that it’s ok to put it on our site.
• If you’re under 16 or under 18 and still living with your parents they may also have to ask for their consent.
• They cannot guarantee that your video or other content piece will appear on Channel 4 TV or online.
• They cannot give you an unconditional guarantee of anonymity.
• The Channel 4 Street Weapons Commission is taking statements from people to try and find out why people carry knives and guns. Some of the ideas and experiences you give could help the Commission, so the journalists might forward your content to them. If they do this they will always ask your permission first.

The aim is to be transparent, fair and honest in all our dealings with the public. If you have any queries about this please contact us here.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Guys!

    Good project. Bit strange that such a great site as this down at the end of the month…

    Anyway: another project for your links section that you may be interested in: http://www.gunzdown.com

    Best regards

    Yinka Awojobi
    Content Development

  2. Hi folks!

    I’ve been interested in this work from 2 sides, the issues discussed and the medium in which it is being conveyed, especially the breadth of social media you are using.

    Thanks for the site, it’s a great resource.

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