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Gun runner part 1 and part 2
Jason Brown’s drama about a gun runner in an English town. Contains foul language.

MySpace – Highly Sprung dance video
Highly Sprung Performance Company and Coventry’s Alpha Boys joined forces to produce this highly-charged short on knife crime. – VIBEY – NEW GUN CRIME VIDEO – Birmingham, UK – Grime / Garage / A’cappella –

Music video looking at the perils of gun crime.
YouTube – Gunz Down Documentary
GreenJadeTV/XLP tour of schools with an hour long show looking at issues and making choices around guns and knives.
YouTube – Enough is Enough
Short film about the ‘Enough is Enough’ initiative from the London Borough of Newham. The initiative highlights and responds to the senseless killings of teenagers in inner-city London.
A film speaking to young people and mothers of children lost to knife crime in London. The creator, Wacfoo, has had his film’s screened in schools.
YouTube – Peckham Protest/Gathering
Roughly-shot video of a Peckham procession in memory of young people lost to knife and gun crime in the area.
YouTube – Junior Bevels , Robert Spence
Short in memory of Junior Bevels and Robert Spence, both lost to knife crime.
YouTube – knife crime documentary
Short documentary about a drug dealer’s experience getting stabbed by a group of youths.
Shocking images and portraits of those affected by gun and knife crime.
YouTube – UKARA is making knife crime rise
A 19-year-old’s comment on the UKARA law, which came into effect last October, which he claims is making knife crime worse.
YouTube – Gun and knife crime propaganda
Comment on media coverage of gun and knife crime.
YouTube – Knife Crackdown: Mother of Murdered Son Tells Of Her Pain
Parvin Mahmood, whose young son was stabbed to death in 2005, tells of her pain as the government launches its anti-knife campaign. Sky News clip.
YouTube – Manchester Hoodies/Scallies/Chavs/Thugs/Scrotes Gang
BBC clip of Ryan Florence – the guy who made a gun gesture behind David Cameron’s back. Ryan and his friends – the ‘Benchill Mad Dogs’ appear to proudly hold aloft a large kitchen knife, show the camera what appears to be drugs, and stand on street corner.
YouTube – Tom Brooks
Another spoof of gangs made by teens, set in the leafy suburbs by the looks of it. Offensive language.
YouTube – Teenage Gangs
Nice old man talks about the ‘gang’ culture in the UK, and how sad it makes him.
YouTube – Life in cHaverhole (Haverhill UK) : New cinema-2008 – PART 2
Satire on ‘gangsta’ culture/language and mannerisms, in which 18-year-old filmmaker Adam Lord critiques his local council’s plans for Haverhole.
YouTube – Gun / Knife Crime – JVF Our View
English hip hop with gun/knife crime as the theme – with stills reflecting the lyrics. From

YouTube – handguns long version

DisarmingBritain long promo video to be aired soon on Channel 4.

YouTube – SToP GuN CRiMe uK

Powerful music video charting the shooting – and repurcussions – of a gang-related shooting.

YouTube – tribute to victims of knife n gun crime

Short film made up of still images made in memory of teenagers/children who’ve died as a result of gun/knife crime.

YouTube – Ride Wiv It

A tale of deadly revenge – in two parts (followed up by Ride Wiv It – Vengeance).

YouTube – Niall Keegan on Gangs Part 2

Spoof documentary/crossover of Ross Kemp on Gangs/League of Gents/Mighty Boosh. A bit of light relief perhaps. Over 18s only due to offensive language.

YouTube – nobody wins

Stills-led film with poem (text) overlay about how gun crime shatters a family.

YouTube – Media Trailer Money Maker

Short film produced by AS Media student on youngsters involved in gun crime.

Disarming Britain

ITV1 London lunchtime news with youth worker Nathan John. Interview contains his reaction to the recent knife crime ad campaign.

YouTube – IN 4 LIFE

Short taking a look at inner city life and knife culture combined with peer pressure told through the eyes of 22-year-old Jay, an ex-crack dealer trying to go straight for the sake of his family. Contains swear words, over 18s only.

YouTube – Prisoner B (part 2)

Southwark TV: ‘Uncut interview with knife crime murderer – the concluding section. He seems totally contrite … message for young people dabbling in knife crime (speaker was 17 when jailed).

YouTube – Kingsbrook Bullying- Anti-Bullying Gun and Gang Crime!

Young filmmaker (now 20) talks about deaths at hands of guns etc.

YouTube – Niall Keegan on Gangs Part 2

Spoof documentary/crossover of Ross Kemp on Gangs/League of Gents/Mighty Boosh. A bit of light relief perhaps. Over 18s only due to offensive language.

Mediabox and FourDocs short film comp runner-up Ameniata Sillah, who was two years above knife crime victim Kiyan Prince at the same school, examines the issue of street weapons in this short.

YouTube – Red Street

A short drama about gun crime from Mediabox.

YouTube – gun crime

Video photo album of young people lost to street weapons.

YouTube – gun crime temptation

Short film on gun crime – and its consequences – with soundtrack by Arctic Monkeys ft. Dizee Rascal.


Powerful video about black identity – and how the problem of gun and knife crime needs to be tackled.

YouTube – notts

Music video with performances by Nottingham lads.


Young people – from kids to older teenagers – rap about life in Manchester.

YouTube – Journey of a Knife

Well-shot split-screen dramatic film made by the Young Southwark partnership and Matt Taylor.

YouTube – Lifey – No more gun crime, No more knife crime in London

Another memorial-led vid featuring shots of youngsters who’ve fallen victim to gun and knife crime.

YouTube – Weapons, Knives and Gun Crimes

Speech from Bullying UK rep giving advice to young people who might encounter a situation involving street weapons.

YouTube – London Gangs – UK

Hip Hop-soundtracked CCTV-style footage of kids and cops leads into a documentary-style report on gang culture in London, with ‘gang’ members themselves allegedly talking on film.

YouTube – London Teenage Gang, Gun & Knife-Related Victims Of 2007

Video (sequence of titled stills) of young people killed at the hands of gang/gun/knife crime during 2007.

YouTube – ‘Ask the PM’ – “Gun/Knife Crime”

Ask the PM – Barry Aldridge asks what Brown’s initiatives will be to tackle knife crime – which he says is ‘out of control’.

YouTube – amazing film

Choice FM ad showing the shocking impact of a bullet.

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  1. Have sent video made as a tribute to lewis singleton it has brought comfort to all who knew and loved lewis and even people who didnt its made everyone value their friends and family and the community has been granted funding for a memorial and working youth forum group to bring the youth together to fight the consequences of losing someone to knife crime

  2. Gun Runner trailer




  6. those ppl wid guns on that programme kid knives and broken lives inmanchester whalleyrange are only 16/17 yr olds

  7. The film is about 2 bothers living on rival estates at gang war, check the link and leave a comment for us

  8. this video is a viedo that i made and loads of people like it and say that it will send a message out please tell me what you think

  9. Hello my name is sharaz qamar ,23,from west london, this is the link to my film page and all the work has important messages behind it and is to do with crime including ‘Shankz’ ‘Hoodhuntz’ ‘X’ and ‘Bullet times’ please drop me a comment on what you thought

    Everything posted up on the site is by me or posted up by my team Which is still a Sharaz Qamar film

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